Life update… what’s been going on!

It’s coming up to almost 2 years since my last post- disregarding my most recent post of course. I was in the middle of planning my wedding the last a time I put a post up and now I’ve just skipped right to having a baby. Yes guys, I did get married, things were done the proper way 😊. Baby arrived on my wedding anniversary as a matter of fact so you can do the math if you would like lol.

I’m not sure what way to do this. I mean this blog is really more of a personal diary than anything else. I don’t do a whole lot to get traffic going here and i guess what I’m getting at is whether or not I should fill whoever in on the last two years? The wedding planning, the actual wedding, changing jobs, then getting pregnant and then moving…there’s a lot! Or maybe a fresh should start is what is needed? 

I would like to think that I am a completely different person from my last post in 2015, but am I really? I mean I’m a wife and mother in the space of a year but I don’t think I’ve changed that much. I think I wish I had changed in some way… for the better at least but instead I feel like I’ve just added layers for each new role while remaining the same at my core, you know what I mean? Like I’m a mum but im not just that, I’m Dupe as a mum. Underneath all the things that make me a mum you can still see accents of me 😊.

Ok, maybe I’ll just summarise for the sake of record keeping. Planning the wedding was stressful especially as it was during a super busy period at work. I felt split. I always had to be in work earlier than normal to clear the constant backlog and stay back late to get a jump start on the next day. In the midst of that we were being taken over by a new company which presented an entirely different hassle of its own. And with the wedding getting closer I was still trying to stay on top of my fitness which meant late night gym sessions after a long day. The only time I had to plan was sometimes to and from work but I somehow made it work. I managed to make 2 trips home that year before going back a third time for the actual wedding. I will tell you this, planning your wedding will test your relationship in one way or another just make sure you always remember what the end goal is. 

Picking my dress was a thing in itself! It’s no child’s play! I tried on about 25 dresses and ended up picking no.1 of the 25 dresses 7 months later 😆. 

So the wedding came and went with minor hitches. Overall it was a beautiful and blessed day. Not everything went according to plan but at the same time nothing went drastically wrong either thank Jesus! 

Fast forward to just over 3 months after the wedding and I find out I’m pregnant right after starting a new job. It was a FTC role so naturally when the found out I was pregnant they were less inclined to extend my contract… which thinking about it now was probably for the best as I did not exactly love the role, it just wasn’t a right fit. 

So I’ve had the baby and I’m about 4 months into this motherhood thing and personally I think it’s going good but we’ll leave that for another post 😉. In terms of how often I’m going to post now that I’m trying to be back, I really can’t say. My life revolves around my small human, it’s not all about my son but he is definitely a determining factor in most things at this stage of his life. I have tonnes of post just sitting in my drafts and I’m not quite sure how to fit them into my current life, everything seems so changed these days I’m not always entirely sure if I can still relate to my previous state of mind. I read a post I drafted in my first months of pregnancy and I was in shock with how ungrateful and selfish I sounded. Oh BTW, when I found out I was pregnant I was not thrilled at all, and not because I didn’t love kids- I adore them but I wasn’t ready. I wanted so badly to be ready mentally, financially, physically and emotionally. I always said I wanted to be a stay at home mum for about a year and to do that we’d have to make sure our finances were in check. And at 3 months after a wedding we weren’t there yet, plus I just got this new job and things looked like they were picking up – not that pregnancy is the part of life “picking up”- but it wasn’t for me at that moment in my life. But yea, reading that post made feel so disconnected from myself especially since having my son. And I know some of you will say that I’m being too hard on myself and it’s OK to want to wait and be prepared but I’m so happy that I had my son when I did. I’m 4 months in and it’s just right, its not perfect but I know it’s right. I expected to be writing about life after a year of marriage and how we were ready to expand our family but life has a funny way of happening to your plans. I’ll just have to go with the flow from now on. I won’t make any promises about getting posts up but I will try and do better this year. I feel that this part of my life deserves some sort of documenting even if it’s just for myself 😋. 


A Few of my favourite things … INGLOT

Hello guys! This is embarrassingly over due but I wanted to share it with you anyway. You guys know what I was like when I discovered Inglot while in Poland and how insanely cheap it was! Let’s just say it was a good day! And you have seen some of my previous post where I featured my new buys, but just in case you missed it, you can click here and here 🙂 In this post I’ll be showing you some of the amazing matte blushes I got while I was there and a few extra eye shadows I got. Because I’m a lazy heifer I didn’t put any of the product numbers in this post, its such chore having to take individual pans out to look at product number but if there is anyone that catches your eye and you want the product number let me know in the comment section.

Inglot Freedom palette - Matte blushes
Inglot Freedom palette – Matte blushes
Blush swatches... very pigmented
Blush swatches… very pigmented
Some of the additional palettes I got just because. The in the middle is a lipstick palette I put together
Some of the additional palettes I got just because. The in the middle is a lipstick palette I put together
I added some new colours and moved them around... I love how easy it is to just have this on the go with you. I still think hands down Inglot have the most beautiful packaging. The freedom system palettes are so cool looking but also sturdy!
I added some new colours and moved them around… I love how easy it is to just have this on the go with you. I still think hands down Inglot have the most beautiful packaging. The freedom system palettes are so cool looking but also sturdy!
Close ups of my extra shadows.
Close ups of my extra shadows.

3 things I miss about living in Poland

Yes, I know how much I complained when I actually lived there but hey, its human nature. You never fully get what you have till you’re removed from the situation and stand far enough to appreciate it. I was feeling rather positive and a lil adventurous today, I decided to trust the African salon down the street with my natural hair …. what an unholy mess that was. Please, please do not even let  me get into the rant, Lord don’t make me do it! I’ve been natural for 4 years and I know the number one rule for all naturals is to never compare your hair to anyone else’s, but my goodness have I fallen behind on my journey. Anyway, I will reluctantly move on to how I came about the title of this post. So after getting my hair totally messed up ( leaving out the obscenities) I decided to go through memory lane to see where I dropped the ball, the most pictures I took of my hair was while I was in Poland because I was blogging more actively then (which should really be the 4th thing I miss about Poland, the time and inspiration to blog). As I was going through all the hair pictures I stumbled across the amazing time I had in the Poland. I know this sounds awful and corny, but guys I actually think I found a lil of myself while I was there. Some days I was incredibly lonely and depressed but on other days I was a bit fearless and just open to everything. My mind worked in a better way, a more creative way! But these are the 3 things I miss the “mostest” 🙂

  1. I miss my time with God probably the most. I can not explain the hunger and thirst I had for God when I first got to Wroclaw. Plus I took part in the RCCG 100 days fast which truly changed my spiritual life. The peace I felt was second to none, even though I was in strange place with no one I knew, I felt so at home with God and made real progress with my spiritual life. It gave me a tiny glimpse of what I could really enjoy and gain from constantly being in God’s presence. It was awesome, it was one of the best moments of my life.
  2. I miss how amazing my hair and skin was then. Because I was actively blogging and documenting my hair journey I guess I just gave more of a  ish about my hair. I almost cried when I came across a picture of hair with full edges! I have taken so many things for granted this last year with my hair. I have taken liberties and seriously backtracked my journey. Now I have my wedding in 5 months and I’m not sure I can make any measurable progress before then. I will not lie guys, the creamy crack is at the top of my list, like right at the top of my list, followed closely by cutting it all off to start afresh! My skin… where do I start? My skin has been fairly ok till recently which can probably be attributed to me taking somewhat desperate measures to keep my facial issues under control. Again, I have 5 months to get my skin to the best it’s ever been. I’m not the most promising bride, am I? 😦
  3. I miss how opened minded living in a new place made me. I tried so many new things, found new things that I enjoyed, shared a different culture with new friends. Realised that once I opened up a bit I was actually quite likeable and learned how to be by myself and not get suicidal. Found new ways to keep myself occupied and entertained. It’s crazy how a small town in Poland could make me want so much more out of every aspect of my life. Spiritually, professionally, mentally, physically and even financially (surprisingly) I was in a sound place. But then human nature walks in and starts pointing out everything that is wrong with the situation and then you start dropping all the lessons you learned… then one day you get your hair massacred and realise that you had it good before.

God help me to be less human sometimes so I can really take what you give me as it is and appreciate it there and then.



Facetime: Lush

Happy Sunday guys! I hope everyone is doing well and is all geared up for the week… I know I’m not 😦 … but anyway this is going to be super quick! In my last post I mentioned that I had recently start dabbling in Lush products for facial care and I wanted to share it with you guys and sorta ask you guys for some help. I am not a beauty guru so a lot of things I still learn along the way. When it comes to my facial care regimen I’ve always been pretty laid back and totally inconsistent and its a wonder my face isn’t worse than it is now. I don’t like to experiment with different facial products just for the hell of it and I don’t have super sensitive skin either. I’m also dark skinned so I’m very wary of trying different things on my skin in case they end up making me lighter. But at the same time I do suffer from hyper pigmentation around a lot of areas on my face and it gets to me. And no this hasn’t stopped me from walking out the house bare faced.  I’m bare faced all weekend and look forward to it all week like its a treat! The fact that I don’t have flawless skin doesn’t make me less confident to show my face as it really it. Knowing myself I honestly feel like it boils down to me not caring!  Lol

But on the real guys, I do want to do better for my skin. I love make up, not so much wearing it, but I do in fact love it. You can’t get the best out of the products you use if the canvas, your face, isn’t great to start with. And I’ve started noticing that more these days. My foundation just doesn’t sit right on my face anymore and my imperfections are more easily seen even with make up on. I have terrible blackheads and acne scars that have left my skin tone massively uneven! I walk past Lush stores all the time and I could never enter because of how overpowering the aroma of the products were. In fact I used deliberately cross the road right as I was coming up to the store door to avoid holding my breath as I walked past. And I was convinced that all the store attendants were high of their faces on the smell alone. But I had increasingly grown more curious about the products after watching a few YouTube vidoes on good facial regimens plus the fact that they were natural didn’t hurt either. So, two weekends ago I held my breath and ventured into their store at West Croydon and after 5mins of feeling like I might pass out it was all ok again and I could stand the smell. Being in the store was like something out of Alice in Wonderland! So many different colours, textures and smells, I was hooked! I love the whole concept of the store and how personal everything was from the product labelling to ingredients, it was all very hippie and quirky! Not to go on and on, I left the store with three products and these are what they were!




First thing on my list to get was a good facial wash with exfoliating qualities so I picked up some Coalface. What Coalface does is absorb oil as it cleans your face which is great because an oily face is more prone to dirt and clogged up pores. It smells like liquorice which I oddly don’t mind too much considering how much I HATE liquorice 🙂 Some of the main ingredients are liquorice root, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, sandal wood and powdered charcoal. It also has exfoliating beads in which provide a gentle scrub, I know some people don’t like this but it leaves my face squeaky clean! I wear make up everyday and I like to know that when I wash my face it gets thoroughly cleaned!





Initially what I wanted from the start was the Ocean Salt with coconut and lime. I had heard so much about it and super eager to try it but when I got into the store I changed my mind and went for a mask instead. I got the Mask of Magnaminty, you gotta love the names! It’s a multi purpose mask that wakes the skin up and also help fight breakouts. It has peppermint oil, bentonite clay, honey, evening primrose oil and lost of other delightful ingredients in it.




The last thing I got was more of an impulse buy which looking back now should have been top of the list. For some weird reason my lips started getting really dry and not dry like oh its winter, better slap a bit more lip balm on, I mean realyl really dry! Like I was reacting to something. I couldn’t wear lipsticks for two weeks because of how bad it was and nothing seemed to help! So when I saw this lip scrub at the cash register I didn’t need convincing. And to be fair I could probably make this myself at home but they just had it so convenient in the lil glass tub that I had to pick it up. Its called Mint Julips and it’s made of castor sugar, jojoba oil, peppermint oil with vanilla extract. I love how it gets rid of dry patchy skin and leave my skin smooooothe!

Ok, so that’s it from my Lush buys, I can definitely tell you that I will back in the store soon to try Dark Angel and Ocean Salt which are scrubs and a couple of their shampoo bars. If you’re into Lush tell me what you’ve tried, what worked well for you and what you’re itching to try! Also please help a sister out, if you are along the same skin tone as me and suffer from really bad hyper pigmentation, what have you used. What do you find helps and please share your daily regimen. Ok I have to be up in about 5 hours for work so I’m calling it a night. Hope you all have a really week! Xxx

Inglot “Mini” Haul

Hey guys!  So last week I made a super quick dash home for my parent’s anniversary shindig and I decided to pick a lil something for my mum, that something was makeup. I went for the closest make up store to me which is Inglot and got her some basics that I thought would be worth sharing with you guys. And of course I got a lil something for my self *wink* But on the real guys my no buy starts right now. I’m really done now …. well maybe after the next post 🙂


My mum has the basics when it comes to make up and I mean basic basic, and it always seems to be scattered everywhere! She doesn’t have eyeshadows or any good quality palettes so I thought it would be good to help her build her make up bag gradually.  My mum has very good skin so she doesn’t need a lot of make up to cover or conceal anything like I do. When I say she basics I mean foundation and primers so I focused more on shadows and lip glosses which I know she loves. I wanted something compact she could carry around easily so I opted for the quad eyeshadow freedom palette.


  • I picked 3 shimmery shades and a dark matte brown for a subtle smokey effect. My mum isn’t very adventurous with eye make up so I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.  I can not get over Inglot’s packaging! I just love love it, I have never come across a more sleek-looking palette! Hands down they are the most stylish when it comes to packaging.
  • Again for the blush I wanted something simple tht wouldn’t require too much of a technique to apply. These shades will go well with any skin tone and not overbearing. The fact the have slight reflect in them means they will also provide a subtle highlight.
  • My mum isn’t a huge fan of the full on look lipsticks give so I went with these two glosses, again I went for shimmery glosses.
  • And last but not least I picked up an eyeliner in black because no look is complete without a little giving your eyes an outline.

Moving on to what I got for myself 🙂 I didn’t plan on buying anything and if I’m being honest, I have raided Inglot last and early this year so I’m pretty much over their products now. I have tried everything thing I’ve been intrigued by but I came across these three beauties while in the store!

I love pigments! I’m still not great at working with them yet but I loooooove them! Everyone raves about certain eye shadows being the darkest black they have ever seen but I really I think I have found it! Inglot’s AMC pigment eyeshadow in 88 is the BOMB! It never occurred to me to ever get a pigment eyeshadow in black but this isn’t just black, it has beautiful gold reflects in it! Guys I am in love!!! Like how amazing would a smokey eye with this pigment be!?! 🙂


Next up is this beautiful iridescent body sparkle in 51! I’m not going to go on about this little pot of magic, I will let the swatches show you! This is the second body sparkle I have picked up from Inglot and I think it adds gorgeous sparkle to the eyes when applied on top of other shadows.


And last but not least! Probably my favorite at of all three things is AMC lipgloss in 541! In the glass tube it looks like some sort of magic serum and you can’t quite tell what colour it is, but when you swatch it reflects every color like an oily gooey mixed up rainbow! Again its very similar to the the body sparkle with it’s iridescence qualities. I have no idea when or how I’m going to rock this lippie but I am looking forward to it! 🙂 Well that’s in for my super “mini” Inglot haul!

Inglot AMC Lipgloss
Inglot AMC Lipgloss 541

Thanks for stopping by 😉

Hair Update

Hi Guys! I am just popping in to give a quick update on whats been going on with my hair. I’ve had my private stock hair in for the last two months and I took it out last week. If you would like to know my thoughts on PS Hair click here to see my review. In conclusion to the review the only thing I will say is that you can’t really get more than two months out of it unless you made a wig with it. Towards the end of the two months I noticed that it became harder to restore the curls and softness of the hair and it matted a lot easier as well, this was my cue to take it out. I would definitely opt for this style for a future protective style 🙂

Mac Relentlessly Red - Lined my lips with Mac's Magenta
PS Hair – ‘Go Natural’

I can’t say that I noticed any dramatic changes in my hair. Obviously there was a lot of product build up on my scalp but a week before I took out my install I co-washed my hair so my hair was fairly moisturized and the breakage and shedding I was expecting to see was actually very little which was what I was most happy about.

Normally as soon as I take a protective style out I shampoo my hair immediately but I had just gotten back from a work weekend away and we were up partying to the early hours of the morning so I was not about to jump into a 4 hour wash day routine. Now because I had co-washed a week before I knew I could go a week without cleansing my hair, so I did. I put my hair into sections and moisturized before I went to bed and that was it. For the next day and entire week I had my hair in a puff.

Generally my hair felt strong and healthy and throughout last week I was contemplating if I would want to try a treatment on my hair because I knew I would be getting a protective style done the following week (this week). The first thing that I thought would be good to do was a protein type treatment because I had heard that it was good for strengthening your hair after a protective style. Now I wasn’t too keen on doing it because my hair does not like protein, it prefers moisture and I was right… but I did it anyway. I did a DIY treatment myself using natural honey, avocado oil, coconut oil, Treseme Natural conditioner, EVO and coconut milk. There were other recipes that included more protein based products but I opted for just the coconut milk as my main product. Can I just say that this mixture smelt heavenly, it took the will of God for me not to dip my finger in and lick it. It was out of this world! Like the best smoothie never created! Anyway…. and because I still hadn’t cleansed my scalp after taking out the protective style I decided to do an ACV rinse before applying the DC to get rid of the product build up but I recently read on Neno Natural that this was actually ineffective. I should have done the ACV after my DC because it closes and flattens your hair cuticles *sigh*… oh well at least I know for next time. For this DIY conditioner I would suggest you use more conditioner that coconut milk, the consistency was runny and made application very messy… it kept on running down the side of my face! I rinsed it out after 30mins and followed up with a moisturizer and oil for sealing.


DIY Deep Condition and ACV Rinse
DIY Deep Condition and ACV Rinse
My hair the following day after my protein DC... looked good but felt dry, especially at the ends.
My hair the following day after my protein DC… looked good but felt dry, especially at the ends.

As I predicted my hair did not care very much for the protein treatment. Over the next two days I noticed my hair was a weird kind of dry and even after moisturizing it still didn’t change. So I thought now would be a good time to try out my AphoGee 2 Min Moisture Treatment.

AphoGee 2 minute Moisture treatment
AphoGee 2 minute Moisture treatment

I have to say I was pretty impressed with the results, the feel of my hair was instantly improved and this morning my hair felt more moisturized than it did after the protein treatment.

Twist out with Cantu Shea Butter curling creme, curls were more defined but I picked at the at the roots to give it more volume

My hair journey is series of lessons for me and these are some of the things I’ve observed so far;

  • My hair does not like PROTEIN 🙂
  • I have been natural for 2 years + and I haven’t seen a lot of growth in the length department. Now I’m not overly bothered about it because I have never had length even when I was relaxed. And I know the number 1 rule for being natural is to never compare yourself to anyone else but I can’t help but notice people that started their natural hair journey the same time with me having more length. My hair spends so much time being thick that it forgets to grow vertically!
  • I’ve just come to accept that there are certain parts of my hair (the sides) that will always stay desert dry no matter what I do.
  • My scalp gets dirty very easily and sometimes the only thing that will help is some good ol’ Shampooing!
Lazy length check... my hair is longer in the middle and front than any where else.
Lazy length check… my hair is longer in the middle and front than anywhere else.

Sorry about the length of this post… it’s been a while. If you can relate to anything I have mentioned in this post please leave a comment below!


Thank you for reading! xxx