3 things I miss about living in Poland

Yes, I know how much I complained when I actually lived there but hey, its human nature. You never fully get what you have till you’re removed from the situation and stand far enough to appreciate it. I was feeling rather positive and a lil adventurous today, I decided to trust the African salon down the street with my natural hair …. what an unholy mess that was. Please, please do not even letΒ  me get into the rant, Lord don’t make me do it! I’ve been natural for 4 years and I know the number one rule for all naturals is to never compare your hair to anyone else’s, but my goodness have I fallen behind on my journey. Anyway, I will reluctantly move on to how I came about the title of this post. So after getting my hair totally messed up ( leaving out the obscenities) I decided to go through memory lane to see where I dropped the ball, the most pictures I took of my hair was while I was in Poland because I was blogging more actively then (which should really be the 4th thing I miss about Poland, the time and inspiration to blog). As I was going through all the hair pictures I stumbled across the amazing time I had in the Poland. I know this sounds awful and corny, but guys I actually think I found a lil of myself while I was there. Some days I was incredibly lonely and depressed but on other days I was a bit fearless and just open to everything. My mind worked in a better way, a more creative way! But these are the 3 things I miss the “mostest” πŸ™‚

  1. I miss my time with God probably the most. I can not explain the hunger and thirst I had for God when I first got to Wroclaw. Plus I took part in the RCCG 100 days fast which truly changed my spiritual life. The peace I felt was second to none, even though I was in strange place with no one I knew, I felt so at home with God and made real progress with my spiritual life. It gave me a tiny glimpse of what I could really enjoy and gain from constantly being in God’s presence. It was awesome, it was one of the best moments of my life.
  2. I miss how amazing my hair and skin was then. Because I was actively blogging and documenting my hair journey I guess I just gave more of aΒ  ish about my hair. I almost cried when I came across a picture of hair with full edges! I have taken so many things for granted this last year with my hair. I have taken liberties and seriously backtracked my journey. Now I have my wedding in 5 months and I’m not sure I can make any measurable progress before then. I will not lie guys, the creamy crack is at the top of my list, like right at the top of my list, followed closely by cutting it all off to start afresh! My skin… where do I start? My skin has been fairly ok till recently which can probably be attributed to me taking somewhat desperate measures to keep my facial issues under control. Again, I have 5 months to get my skin to the best it’s ever been. I’m not the most promising bride, am I? 😦
  3. I miss how opened minded living in a new place made me. I tried so many new things, found new things that I enjoyed, shared a different culture with new friends. Realised that once I opened up a bit I was actually quite likeable and learned how to be by myself and not get suicidal. Found new ways to keep myself occupied and entertained. It’s crazy how a small town in Poland could make me want so much more out of every aspect of my life. Spiritually, professionally, mentally, physically and even financially (surprisingly) I was in a sound place. But then human nature walks in and starts pointing out everything that is wrong with the situation and then you start dropping all the lessons you learned… then one day you get your hair massacred and realise that you had it good before.

God help me to be less human sometimes so I can really take what you give me as it is and appreciate it there and then.




Fasting… difficult?

Hi Guys,

Just dropping by to share this video on fasting by Paula White with you guys. For those of you who find fasting difficult or unimportant in their Christian life please watch this and enrich your lives. I know a lot of us have participated in some fasting last month with churches or personally as part of starting the new year… Well to those of you who were able to say no to their flesh everyday for the required amount of days well done! And for those of you who like myself have fallen short a couple of days hang in there, God sees your heart and He isn’t going to give up on you so don’t give up on Him. Pay no heed to that voice in your head telling you not to bother because you’ve missed so many days already, or constantly coming up with logical reasons why you shouldn’t fast on yet another day! The truth is if you don’t  know why you’re doing it or if you don’t tie your fast to something, every time that voice comes up you will listen and let your flesh win. this whole fast for me is about coming closer to God and in the process learning to subdue my flesh and bring it under my authority. I am tired of having my flesh rule my life everyday, giving into every craving that will eventually land me in trouble and rob me of my destiny.  2 Tim 1 vs 7 reminds us that God has given us a spirit of self-control and we need to learn to key into that. Jesus Christ already gave us the victory by dying on the cross where he overcame all and we should in turn nail our flesh to the cross everyday by submitting to His will. Ok, before I get too preachy on you please watch the video and understand why fasting is an important part of our Christian life.