Recent Read: Marching Powder by Rusty Young

Hi Guys!  So for my book club last month we had to read Marching Powder by Rusty young which is non-fiction story about a British drug dealer, Thomas McFadden, who ends up in Bolivian prison for a couple of years.

Now, while it’s quite interesting to read about anyone’s time in any prison, San Pedro prison in La Paz, Bolivia completely steals the show in this book. It’s not like any other prison you’ve ever heard of! From the first chapter you are completely captured by the prison and the concept of living there. Some of the girls from the book club complained about the writing style of the book but I liked it. It wasn’t over written, everything in the book was told as it happens and you get to read the stories from Thomas’ head. I have to say, I’m not a fan of non-fiction but this book might as well have been fiction because the stuff that goes in San Pedro is unbelievable . The book takes you through the joy, depression, loneliness, excitement and gripping fear that comes from being in prison. I would definitely recommend this book to anybody regardless of what genre you’re use to reading, plus you learn some really neat and not so neat stuff about cocaine!

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Till next time guys, happy reading 🙂


I hear the chains falling

Happy Sunday guys!

I just want to share with you this powerful ministration I stumbled last night. Its a simple song that turned a whole service into a chain breaking event and its just so amazing to see God move this way. I know I have had chins of my own for the last couple of years and I know that coming across this song was no coincidence,  I needed to hear everything said in this service. I don’t know what personal battles you have been fighting in your life or if you even believe in Jesus Christ but there is a way out. It doesn’t matter where you have started, it’s how it all ends that matters. Whatever chains have had you bound can and will be broken, it doesn’t have to end this way. Tasha Cobbs is such a spirited filled singer and this is more than just a song to her, she’s on a mission to set captives free. I hope this video ministers to someone out there.

Till next time guys ♡♥♡ 🙂

Ps…. 2 Corinthians 5: 17 & John 8:36

Language of Art

This video that I’m sharing with you guys is literally one of the most beautiful things I have seen in the last six months. Like, I can’t even explain the silence it creates in my mind. The first time I saw the video my brother badgered me to watch it and I just wasn’t in the mood. It was late, I was tired plus I had work in the AM….but once the video started I was just captivated ~I just didn’t move. It was so sad and beautiful at the same time that when it was over I immediately had to watched it again. I think what gets me the most about the video, apart from how apt the animation is, is the candidness in the voices of the characters. Ugh, I could just ramble on and on about the awesome of this video but it’s all there already! Click Play….. Requiem for Romance by Jonathan Ng

Babatunde Oyateru: The day the mad man knew (30 Days, 30 Voices)

So my big brother got one of his short stories featured on YNaija recently and I’ve decided to share it with you guys! Enjoy!


They have almost become part of the scenery, and in the usual ebb and flow of any busy metropolis, one would be forgiven if you no longer noticed them. The initial shock has long waned; and the automatic reaction of fear and discomfort is no longer there. They no longer have the ability to disperse an approaching crowd, or send the less brave pedestrians across the street. In a busy African town anywhere, people are moving in all directions, in mandatory crowds pressed together as they try and make the most of the space under a very efficient sun. Most people just try and avoid running into each other, or avoid the disregarding onslaught of vehicular traffic; and in all the going and coming, if you do see them, you do what African people have mastered over time, avoid, ignore and move on.

They were part of them, and they had been in the neighbourhood longer than anyone could remember, there had been attempts to drive them away, the Estate Associations had tried in the past to rid the neighbourhood of them and they had been successful, but only for a while. They always returned to mark their spot, like flocking birds they had a tendency to wander, but they always returned. They had become a neighbourhood institution much like the neighbourhood Police Station they liked to hang around; they were dirty, unkempt, and disconnected but they did have a keen sense of danger and an even keener sense on how to avoid it, again much like the policemen who they liked to hang around.

The policemen themselves had either accepted, like the neighbourhood, that they were there and not likely to leave or they had accepted them as kindred, belonging to the same social station, that bleak place society puts you when they presume you are of no value. Either way, the policemen did not bother them or disrupt them when they began their lengthy debates, which was quite often.

If anything sometimes the policemen would join in the debates to amuse themselves. It was a bleak place indeed, local real estate agents and landlords had stopped telling people there was a police station there, it was no longer a benefit, so they ignored it; the same way agents ignored telling people that they were there, right next to the police station. It is bleak when a group of people deliberately ignore you exist, when they look at you but fail to identify that you are there, that you matter. Matter is said to be anything that occupies space and has mass, for many in the neighbourhood the police station no longer mattered. It was a plot of land but many couldn’t care what was on it. The policeman in charge would stare out of his window, or at least where the windows used to be and wonder the same thing, did they really matter? If none of them showed up for work, would anyone really notice. He never allowed himself answer that.

He too would often walk right past them and when he remembered he would throw them a bit of whatever he was chewing. When he had first arrived he had protested that they couldn’t be allowed to stay in the neighbourhood much less the police station, but it fell on deaf ears. Today as he made his way through the many roadblocks and barricades that now surrounded the station due to the heightened insecurity, he mused to himself that it was an unnecessary display, if headquarters had forgotten the station, he was sure the terrorists themselves didn’t care much for the station, beside the neighbourhood was relatively safe, the local vigilante group was more effective than the police.

He needed to buy a cigarette, and as he walked past them, he gave them his usual cursory salute, one reject acknowledging another, they all smiled displaying rotten dead decaying teeth. It had since lost its effect on the policeman.

Walking from the kiosk around the corner where the policeman was headed was Aboki, the ubiquitous neighbourhood handy-man and drunk, who was one of those ambiguous characters you couldn’t place, the only tell-tale signs of his place of origin were the tribal marks on his face that placed him anywhere in the middle-belt. He had lived in the East, he had lived in the West, he had lived in neighbouring countries and he was now living in the neighbourhood and had been for a while. He was known to hold very strong opinions on everything, and would often punctuate his arguments with a smattering of every major language, he was a very dubious fellow, but he too had become a neighbourhood institution.

He passed the policeman and stood at attention to give a mock salute, the cigarette dangling from his dried cracked lips. The policeman ignored him and went on his way; Aboki was almost always in long flowing kaftans which made his gesticulations and movements all the more dramatic in the middle of a heated argument. It looked like he was conjuring the spirits; in his mind he probably was.

Aboki sat down next to them, very close to the police station. This had become a routine, Aboki liked to start his mornings this way, and while he wasn’t one of them, he was the only one they all liked and welcomed. “How  na?” he asked as he made himself more comfortable, it was the one they called Ruth that answered, “We are fine o” she squeaked in her characteristically small voice that failed to conceal the baritone behind it. “Na wa! Wetin perzin go do dis morrin sef?. Na wich wan of dis oga dem go nid me today?” Aboki continued to no one in particular.

Just then a lady passed in front of them, in some hurry, she frantically looked at her watch. She was late for work. The one they called General spoke this time, his voice was frantic as always “Auntee wai ya hosban na! U no go quick marrey? U don dey old o” the General laughed loudly, but it was Ruth’s voice that was heard the loudest. The woman stopped, she looked for a moment like she was about to issue a rebuttal, but looking at Ruth, TheGeneral and Aboki, she bit her lips. Aboki was known to have a caustic tongue; she had found that out the hard way when he had come to do work for her.

Aboki joined in the laughter too, “Leave am, she dey wate make senita kam marrey am. See senita for hia” he laughed and pointed in the direction of his groin. Aboki heard his name in the distance, he scurried to his feet; it could be the sound of opportunity. He was half done with his cigarette but wanted to kill it, out of reflex he handed it to Ruth and General. General reached out for it and took a drag, he had recently taken to smoking, but it was Ruth’s hollow cough and shrill voice that followed, she wasn’t a fan of smoking and had complained. An argument ensued.

Aboki looked at him; the mad man had begun to argue with himself again. He heard the mad man mimic a female voice scolding someone called The General, right in the middle of a sentence he heard the General’s deep rich baritone answer back like he was giving commands, threatening Ruth. Suddenly General slapped Ruth hard; Aboki watched as the mad man slapped himself. Ruth screamed and threw the cigarette away, the Generals baritone bellowed out “Are You Mad!!!!!” as he continued on Ruth. Aboki started out in the general direction of his name, and made a mental note not to give the mad man anymore cigarettes. Another day had just begun in the neighbourhood.


What is it about trust that is so hard to understand? Why does it come and go and drive me crazy with its inconsistency? Why can I trust today and tomorrow writhe in the absence of it?

I can not understand why I feel it so strongly sometimes that is sends me into a peaceful sleep and other times the lack of it takes the appetite for food away from me. Is it because I have seen what people can really be like over and over again? Or maybe because I know that people can’t really turn over a new leaf? So was I lying when I said yes, I have forgiven you and we can completely move on? Does it mean something that I can no longer kiss with both eyes closed because at every instance I must totally be aware? And what about gut feeling? Where does that leave it, should we just go through life with that sick intuitive feeling? And is it possible to feel peace without trust, because if it is can someone please tell me how I can get it and lay it as a blanket over the a troubled city which is my mind. I don’t have to have trust but I do have to stop feeling like this.

What’s in my ear… Tiwa Savage – Shout Out

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to share this tune with you guys, it’s the one song that always makes me happy and upbeat! It also makes me really miss being home. Tiwa is serving a damn delight with this track from here latest album ‘Once Upon a Time’, it so sweet and I HATE using that word to describe music or anything that isn’t food. It’s such a Nig thing to say but you’ll have to excuse today because forget all that ish, this song is SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! And having Iceberg Slim and my booski Sarkodie didn’t hurt the sweetness of this track one bit! Ok, I’m done, click play! 🙂


Lets Talk Hair…

Ok, lets talk hair! So from the picture above you can see that I’m a natural hair girl, I don’t want to go too deep into my natural hair story because it’s just not that deep. I big chopped my hair Jan 2012 and I just did it because I’ve always had really full dark  hair that just never relaxed properly without get seriously damaged or burnt! Like I mean my edges have never been LAID and I guess when I found out that it was ok to have your edges not LAID I was instantly sold. So I chopped my hair off and went natural.

Now I know that to some girls being natural is like a religion, to me it isn’t. It will never be that deep for me, I don’t support everything a natural hair girl says, I don’t think relaxers are the devil’s pudding or anything. I love Brazilian and Peruvian weaves and still get them as often as I can; natural hair is not a movement for me, I just like knowing that I’m finally able to look after my hair myself and that’s about it.

Below are the products I use on my hair currently. My biggest problem was finding a sulphate free shampoo and for the best part of a year and a half I was using the wrong shampoo and suffered from dry brittle hair. Now when it comes to hair types I’m strongly in the 4Cish range. My hair is not naturally curly, I always have to add product to get my curls defined. I can not do a wash and go, I suffer from shrinkage like no man’s business and the real icing on the cake is how dry my hair gets. You can not understand the genuine struggle I go through to keep my hair moisturised! When I say dry I do not mean just a little dry I mean Sahara desert dry, like my hair gets barn hay dry. And it doesn’t help that I suffer slightly from trichotillomania, the dryer my hair gets the more intense my pulling and picking gets. Another reason why I always need to have my hair in some sort of protective style; I had my hair out for two weeks and I have successfully pulled most of my hair out at the sides… so yea, dryness is not good for me at all!

Shampoos and Cleansers
Shampoos and Cleansers

I recently tried the SheaMositure Moisture Retention shampoo because I have been struggling with sever dryness with my hair for a while and I realised it was because most of my shampoos were very high in sulphates which killed any benefits of pre shampoo treatments I did for moisture. I used the Olive Oil Shampoo for a while but stopped recently because it was too drying on my hair.

Unprocessed coconut oil
Unprocessed coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the oils I use frequently on my hair, it’s great for locking in moisture. I got a bottle when I was back home from my aunty 🙂

Giovanni leave in conditioner
Giovanni leave in conditioner

I love this leave in because it is weightless and doesn’t leave your feeling clumpy and sticky but must admit that thus leave in isn’t moisturising enough for my hair texture.  I find myself having to use it along side another moisturiser to get any real effect on my hair.

Organics Essential Oils
Organics Essential Oils

These essential oils from ORGANICS Root Stimulator are a great quick fix for sealing in moisture with braids, and it smells lovely too 🙂

Unprocessed black soap
Unprocessed black soap

I got black soap when I was back home as well, I haven’t been able to use it because although it is a natural cleanser it is important to be able to get the PH balance right before applying it to your hair. I haven’t figured out a way to do this yet but once I do I will share it with you guys 🙂

Unprocessed shea butter
Unprocessed shea butter

Every time I go home I always make sure to stuck up on shea butter because I use it on my body as well as my hair. Shear butter is a great moisturiser on damp hair and can also be used for deep conditioning treatments.

Conditioners and Moisturisers- SheaMoisture, Hairveda, African Pride, Bee Mine, Naked, Miss Jessie's Curls, Olive Oil
Conditioners and Moisturisers- SheaMoisture, Hairveda, African Pride, Bee Mine, Naked, Miss Jessie’s Curls, Olive Oil

These are the leave ins and styling moisturisers I use for protective styles and curl definition. I can’t say which one works the best for me yet and as I have admitted I am a bit of a product junkie so it would be hard to tell. But I can say that I have used all of them and even though I might not have gotten amazing results I also haven’t gotten awful results if that makes sense.

So that’s it for my hair rant, expect more from me on new products I try and what works best for me. If you you’re hair type is similar too mine please please drop me a comment on what products give the most moisture and a link to your blogs so that I can subscribe. Till my next post God Bless and Take Care Xx