3 things I miss about living in Poland

Yes, I know how much I complained when I actually lived there but hey, its human nature. You never fully get what you have till you’re removed from the situation and stand far enough to appreciate it. I was feeling rather positive and a lil adventurous today, I decided to trust the African salon down the street with my natural hair …. what an unholy mess that was. Please, please do not even letΒ  me get into the rant, Lord don’t make me do it! I’ve been natural for 4 years and I know the number one rule for all naturals is to never compare your hair to anyone else’s, but my goodness have I fallen behind on my journey. Anyway, I will reluctantly move on to how I came about the title of this post. So after getting my hair totally messed up ( leaving out the obscenities) I decided to go through memory lane to see where I dropped the ball, the most pictures I took of my hair was while I was in Poland because I was blogging more actively then (which should really be the 4th thing I miss about Poland, the time and inspiration to blog). As I was going through all the hair pictures I stumbled across the amazing time I had in the Poland. I know this sounds awful and corny, but guys I actually think I found a lil of myself while I was there. Some days I was incredibly lonely and depressed but on other days I was a bit fearless and just open to everything. My mind worked in a better way, a more creative way! But these are the 3 things I miss the “mostest” πŸ™‚

  1. I miss my time with God probably the most. I can not explain the hunger and thirst I had for God when I first got to Wroclaw. Plus I took part in the RCCG 100 days fast which truly changed my spiritual life. The peace I felt was second to none, even though I was in strange place with no one I knew, I felt so at home with God and made real progress with my spiritual life. It gave me a tiny glimpse of what I could really enjoy and gain from constantly being in God’s presence. It was awesome, it was one of the best moments of my life.
  2. I miss how amazing my hair and skin was then. Because I was actively blogging and documenting my hair journey I guess I just gave more of aΒ  ish about my hair. I almost cried when I came across a picture of hair with full edges! I have taken so many things for granted this last year with my hair. I have taken liberties and seriously backtracked my journey. Now I have my wedding in 5 months and I’m not sure I can make any measurable progress before then. I will not lie guys, the creamy crack is at the top of my list, like right at the top of my list, followed closely by cutting it all off to start afresh! My skin… where do I start? My skin has been fairly ok till recently which can probably be attributed to me taking somewhat desperate measures to keep my facial issues under control. Again, I have 5 months to get my skin to the best it’s ever been. I’m not the most promising bride, am I? 😦
  3. I miss how opened minded living in a new place made me. I tried so many new things, found new things that I enjoyed, shared a different culture with new friends. Realised that once I opened up a bit I was actually quite likeable and learned how to be by myself and not get suicidal. Found new ways to keep myself occupied and entertained. It’s crazy how a small town in Poland could make me want so much more out of every aspect of my life. Spiritually, professionally, mentally, physically and even financially (surprisingly) I was in a sound place. But then human nature walks in and starts pointing out everything that is wrong with the situation and then you start dropping all the lessons you learned… then one day you get your hair massacred and realise that you had it good before.

God help me to be less human sometimes so I can really take what you give me as it is and appreciate it there and then.





Hello my loves!

Gosh! Where to bloody start right?? I mean how long has it been, like 9 months maybe?? No, no guys I am not pregnant just so much has gone on and happened. But the one actual reason for my absence was my laptop crashing, that sorta just threw me completely out of wanting to blog. I know I could have just used the app but truthfully, I feel that mentally my head just wasn’t in it. Everything just seemed to be up in the air and getting used to work and everything else just kept me sidetracked permanently. But I am happy to say that things seems to be falling into place now and I’m starting to feel settled again.

For the next month or so I’ll be backtracking to get you up to speed on what I have been up to, which to be fair has not been a lot or particularly exciting but still noteworthy. This is just a quick stop by to let you know that I’M BACK! keep your eyes peeled (I hate this saying, like how do you peel your eyes?? Ugh!) for upcoming posts!!! πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—

What I Wore… Christmas Party β˜†β˜…β˜†

Hi peoples!

So my Christmas work do was last week Thursday and we went to this Snazzy restaurant in Covent Garden called STK located in the ME Hotel. We had such a good night with delicious cocktails and amazing food and I just wanted to share my look for the night. Last year I went all out sparkly but this year I went simple and chic with a black racer back jumpsuit and nude shoes. Topped the look off with a white blazer and statement neck piece. If you ever go to STK you have to try the Ophelia Flame cocktail… but I would also recommend you don’t try 4 like I did… work was a tragedy the next morning. Anyway, enjoy the pictures πŸ™‚

Oh and on my lips is Diva by Mac!






Mac Fall Lippie Swatches…

Hi guys!Β  I hope everyone is having a good start to their week so far and keeping well. Before I get into the post I’m going to have a lil rant. Does anyone else hate when you buy a lipstick and it just goes missing, never used still in packaging and everything and then poof it literally just disappears!!! I bought Violetta by Mac and I’d had it in mind to show it in this post and I can’t not find it anywhere! Its driving me near crazy, now I’m going to have to buy it a bloody third time, I just can’t with myself right now! *whoosh* Now that we’ve gotten that out the way lets get back to the post.


I got 4 new Mac lippies ( well 5 really *deep breaths*) over the last 3 months and I’ve been wanting to show them to you guys because I think their so season appropriate especially with Christmas coming around real soon.


From left to right: we have Diva which is a Mac favourite and stable for most ladies along my skin tone. I don’t know how and why I slept on this one but I did. Always thought it was just another berry colour and I had way too many, but looking at it now its more of a burgundy than berry and hopefully you’ll get to see that when I swatch it on my lips down below.


Oh and BTW for anyone wondering what my foundation colour would be in case you’re trying to match it to your skin tone, I’m more of a 9.0 in Mac’s Matchmaster- 540 in Lancome Teint Idol- Sadlewood/Mahogany in Becca- Cappuccino/Mocha in Revlon Colour stay type of shade πŸ™‚

The next colour after Diva is Fashion Revival which is also a matte finish lipstick. Fashion Revival was part of a collection which I can’t for the life of me remember what the name was. Honestly speaking, I could have probably done without this shade. I do like it but its nothing that I don’t already have, but it is really pretty and I will most likely still use it. I will say this though, its more on the pink side for a berry shade… maybe it isn’t berry after all. It reminds me a of a muted version of Girl About Town, also by Mac which I am also missing 😦


The next colour is my favourite colour! I’ve been wanting to get this color since the first time I saw it on someone. Its Smoked Purple and I absolutely love it! It’s hard to describe the colour, its literally a muted smoked purple sorta colour. It’s similar to Sin and Cyber which are also both by Mac, but I feel like this color is more wearable… it isn’t straight up vampy, not as dark and intimidating. Not sure I’m making sense… Thank God for swatches, right πŸ™‚



You can also see another swatch in my previous post by clicking here.


And last but not least is Damn Glamorous! Again not sure how I feel about this shade yet but I must admit its nothing like I have in my collection. I reminds me of All Fired Up which is also by Mac, a retro matte finish I believe. Damn Glamorous looks red in the bullet but when you swatch it on your lips it looks pink, it’s like a bright pink red. I think it makes for a nice pop of colour this season and stands out from the endless shades or deep reds, purple and burgundy. I like it!

Well that’s all I have to share with you guys. I honestly think I’m all Mac’d out at this stage. When it comes to lipsticks there isn’t a class of colour I don’t own from Mac. These days when I go to the store I find myself wandering around the blush and bronzer displays more but if you can recommend a colour that you think would suit my complexion by all means do. I finally got a chance to us my brow pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills and the shade I use is in Ebony. I’m still getting the hang of it, I’m used to the precision of a pencil but I like the way it came out in the pictures. What do you think?

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things…. Simple Updos

Guys! I’m so proud of myself right now!!! Like so proud! Had my hair in a bun all week but I’ve just been so bored with the look and my ends are literally dying. Nothing makes me happier than a bantu knot out so I started twisting and called it a night. This morning as I was getting ready to head out I decided to try something different so I took my twists down but didn’t unravel them, I took bobbing pins and put the back up. And with the front I still didn’t unravel, I simply took each twist and pulled this way and that across till I was happy and voilΓ ! So simple and your ends are tucked in and protected!Β  Plus, the curls should last longer too because they aren’t being unraveled. Updos are always the test of how just how long your hair is, this has restored some confidence I had lost in my hair growing at all. And this is a good way to keep your hair stretched without heat! πŸ˜‰





Life After My Twists…

First off, let me just say that I absolutely loved the look of my twists. I loved the look of them when they were new and when they got old. I had them in for exactly 8 weeks before taking them out. I never washed my hair while I had them in because even dry they were really heavy and I had already put my edges through enough as it was. I would spray my hair with water and oil weekly which worked well. I concentrated more on my roots when i did this because the twists were so thick it was impossible to get to my actual hair.

I had asked for havana twists because I like the invisible roots but the lady obviously didn’t know how to do them and just did regular twists. She was not gentle with my at all! But it was my fault really, I sat there suffering in silence. I figured they were twists and had to be tight at first, plus while she doing my hair it wasn’t half as bad. It was when she was done that I realised my downfall. All I could think was bald spots at my edges!Β  You would think that this would have moved me to do something drastic like take them down, hell nah! I wasn’t about to be $130 dollars short for nothing, which is outrageously overpriced! My sympathy to all my readers who live in the States!


Any who, so I had my twists in they were amazing looking and super uncomfortable. I got an unusual amount of compliments and people asking where I got them done and who did it. That was all fine and good during the day, at night I was on my own. Sleeping for the first 3 weeks was near impossible, unless you slept face down into your pillow. The pulled at my scalp no matter what way I slept and you couldn’t do much with them in terms of tying them because of how bulky they were. But at the same time having them running down your back and shoulders was not comfortable either! So I resolved to sleeping on the side of my face and brushing my twists away from face and back onto the pillow.



In terms of styling again not much I could do with them. If I had an respect for edges worldwide I wouldn’t attempt to put them up, and so I didn’t. For the entire 8 weeks I had it half up half down and it didn’t look bad to be fair, but when you get braids done one of the main things you look forward to is styling your hair differently and I guess I missed having the option. But again, I loved the look of them so it wasn’t all bad.

My hair was moistured weekly so when I took the twists out my hair wasn’t super dry but edges on the other hand were just about to give up the ghost. They were brittle and weak so I expected a lot of breakage and shedding…. which I got. Because of the weight of the marley extensions my hair was pretty stretched out, but even with that, detangling was a nightmare! When it came to washing my hair I by passed all the gentle cleansers and went straight for the strongest shampoo I had. I wasn’t overly concerned with my hair being stripped of moisture and all that, I just wanted to get rid of all the product build up.

After washing I followed up with a simple deep condition mixed with coconut, castor, and extra virgin olive. I left this on my hair for about an hour or so i think… I can’t really remember, I was catching on with Downton Abbey πŸ™‚


Once I rinsed the conditioner out I followed up with my cantu shea butter leave in and sealed with EVOO. I honestly expected my hair to be in worse condition after the strain the twist had put on my hair but it was all good. My hair can be such a trooper sometimes πŸ™‚ I did however, lose hair at my edges, but it’s not that noticeable so I’m not overly upset, at the end of the day its just hair, it will grow back.



Would I do the twists again??? I wanna say yes because even though I wasn’t able to do much in terms of styling they still looked good and lasted. I won’t get them as thick so I won’t have to use as much marley hair and hopefully make it more manageable and easier to manipulate. I also won’t let them be sooooo tight! Next time I will speak up for the sake of my scalp and edges. In terms of growth I think that my hair has grown in the two months but then again I might have lost all my gained length to all the breakage and shedding. At the end of the day It’s hair… it will grow back πŸ™‚


A Pick Me Up…

Woke up this morning to an email from my mum and it was a link to a video. When I saw the title I was like noooo! It’s way too early for a message this heavy, plus I was running late which means I wouldn’t even have time to do my devotion. But since it was a video I figured I could listen to it while I did my make up and got ready, plus it would feed my spirit something to ponder and meditate on during the day, which I find works great when I’m fasting. 10 seconds in I’m wondering if there’s any real point to the video but then I hear your destination is right in front of you and I pay attention! Some people will pick fault with the girls approach and delivery of the message, but there’s no time for that now! There’s no time to make the Word sweet and presentable. It is what it is… nothing gripped my heart like the image she gave of the door pretty much being closed and Jesus still trying to fit the last few in… am I the last few? Are you?