So, for the longest of time I have wanted to get back into the blogging world and create a space where I could talk about what I wanted and in the way that I wanted. I like a lot of things and yes, sometimes my attention span isn’t great and I might leave one thing and go on to something else, but what I have realised is that even though I make my rounds I still sorta circle round the same things. So today I might be all about music, and the next day I might be all about movies and then jump straight into fashion and the back into music. I hope this all makes a little sense! Basically what I’m getting at is that I have a few different loves in my life and I rotate between all of them. You can think of my interests as a jack of all trades and literally the master of none.

Anyway, so you can see how it would have been difficult for me to start a blog on one interest and really commit myself to it, but it’s not only that. The whole blogging world itself scares me; it seems like every concept of a blog that I have ever had has been done by someone else. There’s something about seeing someone else do what you wanted to do and better…. it’s a lot like a wet blanket over a fiery idea. But this is not about being the perfect blog, it’s about finding a way to portray my thoughts and interest in a way that allows me to share.

Like I said I have a couple of interests and most times it feels like a bit of every and anything, and that’s where the idea of ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ came in.  That phrase literally sums up my mind, so clustered! You will notice this as I begin to upload posts 🙂 or perhaps I’ll shock myself and actually be a bit organised.

Phew! So now that I’ve gotten that out-of-the-way, we can get right into it!

If you end up following thank you, and if you just stop by from time to time, thank you! Welcome to my mind, The Kitchen Sink 🙂


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