7 Years and Counting – A Long Distance Relationship Success Story 

I’ve decided to start this week off on a thankful note. Read this verse yesterday as part of my devotional and it’s stuck with me; 

Make thankfulness your sacrifice to God, and keep the vows you made to the Most High.

Psalms 50:14 NLT

I don’t know why, I read a tonne of verses that instruct us  to always give thanks no matter what. Maybe it’s the fact that the verse before highlights the fact that God doesn’t actually need our offerings or money, all he wants is a sacrifice of thankfulness. It’s so simple but profound to me, so this morning I’ve woken up in a super positive and thankful state. Despite getting very little sleep all thanks to my little human, I find myself surprisingly at peace and grounded. To top it off I’ve just had an awesome conversation with my husband which also brought about this post. 

My husband and I have been together for 7 years this year, and in those 7 years we’ve been apart. Yes, long distance. We met through a mutual friend via Twitter and then in person 7 months later and that pretty much kicked things off for us. The longest time we’ve ever spent together at a go was 3 months during my pregnancy. That being said we have a great relationship and are in the process of building a good marriage. 

I am beyond grateful for just how amazing God has been to the both of us. We met on social media and even I didn’t believe anything concrete could come from it but here we are 7 years later married and with a beautiful baby boy! I’ve taken how big a deal what we’re doing is for granted a lot of the times and stopped me from being thankful to God. It is a huge deal that we are still together and in love. I know people who have been in relationships with their partners in the same country and they still couldn’t hack it, or how they found out they still didn’t know each other. I’m proud to say that I know my husband to very good extent and there isn’t a lot he could do that would surprise me and vice versa. You don’t get to know people by sleeping in the same bed with them every night or seeing each other everyday. There has to be a willingness from the other person to want to communicate and open up. You have to want to learn about the other person and welcome dialogue.

We fight just as much as the next couple and have had some pretty close calls but we’ve made it through. I know that long distance isn’t ideal for any relationship and I’m thrilled to say that ours will soon be coming to an end, finally! But I know it’s made us better friends and strengthen our trust. It’s made communication priority and  forced us to mature quickly. And with as great as all that is, its still blatantly obvious that without God carrying us in the palm of his hands we definitely would not have made it. Speaking for myself, God’s grace and has been ever sufficient for me. On many occasions I could have singlehandedly brought our relationship  to our end but God went ahead of me and gave me husband more patience and the grace to forgive. We didn’t make it this far because we’re experts in communication or have it all figured out. We’re definitely not good, but God is. I can say with all confidence that the only reason we’ve made it this far is because God wanted us to and we’ve been willing to work at it. 

Thank God for the Holy Spirit who is the best one on one marriage counsellor. Thank You for bringing us this far!

P.S I’ll be following up on this with a post on things that we do that helped us in a long distance relationship. Keep your eyes peeled 😉


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