All around me I can see what needs to be done – kitchen to clean, bottles to sterilise, bible plans to catch up on, diaper genie to be emptied, laundry to be done, sheets to be changed… the list is endless. But at the centre of all of this is my baby. He is finally asleep peacefully on my chest in his last clean sleep suit. The sound of his breathing seems to be the only thing I’ve ever needed to hear. I can’t bring myself to put him down because what excuses would I have then? Everyday I wake up with determination about how my day is going to go and everyday I’m taught that planning is all good and fine but what really gets ticked off the list is determination – deciding to get things done whether or not they fall perfectly into your day.

Every day with my son is a curve ball, nothing ever goes to plan. I’m aware of the time but that’s pretty much where our relationship starts and end. I have a new clock now. I can feel my eyes getting heavier as the sound of his breathing lulls me into slumber. Yes determination is great but sometimes take the curve balls as a sign from above and just sleep ๐Ÿ˜Š


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