Mac Fall Lippie Swatches…

Hi guys!  I hope everyone is having a good start to their week so far and keeping well. Before I get into the post I’m going to have a lil rant. Does anyone else hate when you buy a lipstick and it just goes missing, never used still in packaging and everything and then poof it literally just disappears!!! I bought Violetta by Mac and I’d had it in mind to show it in this post and I can’t not find it anywhere! Its driving me near crazy, now I’m going to have to buy it a bloody third time, I just can’t with myself right now! *whoosh* Now that we’ve gotten that out the way lets get back to the post.


I got 4 new Mac lippies ( well 5 really *deep breaths*) over the last 3 months and I’ve been wanting to show them to you guys because I think their so season appropriate especially with Christmas coming around real soon.


From left to right: we have Diva which is a Mac favourite and stable for most ladies along my skin tone. I don’t know how and why I slept on this one but I did. Always thought it was just another berry colour and I had way too many, but looking at it now its more of a burgundy than berry and hopefully you’ll get to see that when I swatch it on my lips down below.


Oh and BTW for anyone wondering what my foundation colour would be in case you’re trying to match it to your skin tone, I’m more of a 9.0 in Mac’s Matchmaster- 540 in Lancome Teint Idol- Sadlewood/Mahogany in Becca- Cappuccino/Mocha in Revlon Colour stay type of shade 🙂

The next colour after Diva is Fashion Revival which is also a matte finish lipstick. Fashion Revival was part of a collection which I can’t for the life of me remember what the name was. Honestly speaking, I could have probably done without this shade. I do like it but its nothing that I don’t already have, but it is really pretty and I will most likely still use it. I will say this though, its more on the pink side for a berry shade… maybe it isn’t berry after all. It reminds me a of a muted version of Girl About Town, also by Mac which I am also missing 😦


The next colour is my favourite colour! I’ve been wanting to get this color since the first time I saw it on someone. Its Smoked Purple and I absolutely love it! It’s hard to describe the colour, its literally a muted smoked purple sorta colour. It’s similar to Sin and Cyber which are also both by Mac, but I feel like this color is more wearable… it isn’t straight up vampy, not as dark and intimidating. Not sure I’m making sense… Thank God for swatches, right 🙂



You can also see another swatch in my previous post by clicking here.


And last but not least is Damn Glamorous! Again not sure how I feel about this shade yet but I must admit its nothing like I have in my collection. I reminds me of All Fired Up which is also by Mac, a retro matte finish I believe. Damn Glamorous looks red in the bullet but when you swatch it on your lips it looks pink, it’s like a bright pink red. I think it makes for a nice pop of colour this season and stands out from the endless shades or deep reds, purple and burgundy. I like it!

Well that’s all I have to share with you guys. I honestly think I’m all Mac’d out at this stage. When it comes to lipsticks there isn’t a class of colour I don’t own from Mac. These days when I go to the store I find myself wandering around the blush and bronzer displays more but if you can recommend a colour that you think would suit my complexion by all means do. I finally got a chance to us my brow pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills and the shade I use is in Ebony. I’m still getting the hang of it, I’m used to the precision of a pencil but I like the way it came out in the pictures. What do you think?


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