Life After My Twists…

First off, let me just say that I absolutely loved the look of my twists. I loved the look of them when they were new and when they got old. I had them in for exactly 8 weeks before taking them out. I never washed my hair while I had them in because even dry they were really heavy and I had already put my edges through enough as it was. I would spray my hair with water and oil weekly which worked well. I concentrated more on my roots when i did this because the twists were so thick it was impossible to get to my actual hair.

I had asked for havana twists because I like the invisible roots but the lady obviously didn’t know how to do them and just did regular twists. She was not gentle with my at all! But it was my fault really, I sat there suffering in silence. I figured they were twists and had to be tight at first, plus while she doing my hair it wasn’t half as bad. It was when she was done that I realised my downfall. All I could think was bald spots at my edges!Β  You would think that this would have moved me to do something drastic like take them down, hell nah! I wasn’t about to be $130 dollars short for nothing, which is outrageously overpriced! My sympathy to all my readers who live in the States!


Any who, so I had my twists in they were amazing looking and super uncomfortable. I got an unusual amount of compliments and people asking where I got them done and who did it. That was all fine and good during the day, at night I was on my own. Sleeping for the first 3 weeks was near impossible, unless you slept face down into your pillow. The pulled at my scalp no matter what way I slept and you couldn’t do much with them in terms of tying them because of how bulky they were. But at the same time having them running down your back and shoulders was not comfortable either! So I resolved to sleeping on the side of my face and brushing my twists away from face and back onto the pillow.



In terms of styling again not much I could do with them. If I had an respect for edges worldwide I wouldn’t attempt to put them up, and so I didn’t. For the entire 8 weeks I had it half up half down and it didn’t look bad to be fair, but when you get braids done one of the main things you look forward to is styling your hair differently and I guess I missed having the option. But again, I loved the look of them so it wasn’t all bad.

My hair was moistured weekly so when I took the twists out my hair wasn’t super dry but edges on the other hand were just about to give up the ghost. They were brittle and weak so I expected a lot of breakage and shedding…. which I got. Because of the weight of the marley extensions my hair was pretty stretched out, but even with that, detangling was a nightmare! When it came to washing my hair I by passed all the gentle cleansers and went straight for the strongest shampoo I had. I wasn’t overly concerned with my hair being stripped of moisture and all that, I just wanted to get rid of all the product build up.

After washing I followed up with a simple deep condition mixed with coconut, castor, and extra virgin olive. I left this on my hair for about an hour or so i think… I can’t really remember, I was catching on with Downton Abbey πŸ™‚


Once I rinsed the conditioner out I followed up with my cantu shea butter leave in and sealed with EVOO. I honestly expected my hair to be in worse condition after the strain the twist had put on my hair but it was all good. My hair can be such a trooper sometimes πŸ™‚ I did however, lose hair at my edges, but it’s not that noticeable so I’m not overly upset, at the end of the day its just hair, it will grow back.



Would I do the twists again??? I wanna say yes because even though I wasn’t able to do much in terms of styling they still looked good and lasted. I won’t get them as thick so I won’t have to use as much marley hair and hopefully make it more manageable and easier to manipulate. I also won’t let them be sooooo tight! Next time I will speak up for the sake of my scalp and edges. In terms of growth I think that my hair has grown in the two months but then again I might have lost all my gained length to all the breakage and shedding. At the end of the day It’s hair… it will grow back πŸ™‚



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