A Pick Me Up…

Woke up this morning to an email from my mum and it was a link to a video. When I saw the title I was like noooo! It’s way too early for a message this heavy, plus I was running late which means I wouldn’t even have time to do my devotion. But since it was a video I figured I could listen to it while I did my make up and got ready, plus it would feed my spirit something to ponder and meditate on during the day, which I find works great when I’m fasting. 10 seconds in I’m wondering if there’s any real point to the video but then I hear your destination is right in front of you and I pay attention! Some people will pick fault with the girls approach and delivery of the message, but there’s no time for that now! There’s no time to make the Word sweet and presentable. It is what it is… nothing gripped my heart like the image she gave of the door pretty much being closed and Jesus still trying to fit the last few in… am I the last few? Are you?


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