Facetime: Lush

Happy Sunday guys! I hope everyone is doing well and is all geared up for the week… I know I’m not 😦 … but anyway this is going to be super quick! In my last post I mentioned that I had recently start dabbling in Lush products for facial care and I wanted to share it with you guys and sorta ask you guys for some help. I am not a beauty guru so a lot of things I still learn along the way. When it comes to my facial care regimen I’ve always been pretty laid back and totally inconsistent and its a wonder my face isn’t worse than it is now. I don’t like to experiment with different facial products just for the hell of it and I don’t have super sensitive skin either. I’m also dark skinned so I’m very wary of trying different things on my skin in case they end up making me lighter. But at the same time I do suffer from hyper pigmentation around a lot of areas on my face and it gets to me. And no this hasn’t stopped me from walking out the house bare faced.  I’m bare faced all weekend and look forward to it all week like its a treat! The fact that I don’t have flawless skin doesn’t make me less confident to show my face as it really it. Knowing myself I honestly feel like it boils down to me not caring!  Lol

But on the real guys, I do want to do better for my skin. I love make up, not so much wearing it, but I do in fact love it. You can’t get the best out of the products you use if the canvas, your face, isn’t great to start with. And I’ve started noticing that more these days. My foundation just doesn’t sit right on my face anymore and my imperfections are more easily seen even with make up on. I have terrible blackheads and acne scars that have left my skin tone massively uneven! I walk past Lush stores all the time and I could never enter because of how overpowering the aroma of the products were. In fact I used deliberately cross the road right as I was coming up to the store door to avoid holding my breath as I walked past. And I was convinced that all the store attendants were high of their faces on the smell alone. But I had increasingly grown more curious about the products after watching a few YouTube vidoes on good facial regimens plus the fact that they were natural didn’t hurt either. So, two weekends ago I held my breath and ventured into their store at West Croydon and after 5mins of feeling like I might pass out it was all ok again and I could stand the smell. Being in the store was like something out of Alice in Wonderland! So many different colours, textures and smells, I was hooked! I love the whole concept of the store and how personal everything was from the product labelling to ingredients, it was all very hippie and quirky! Not to go on and on, I left the store with three products and these are what they were!




First thing on my list to get was a good facial wash with exfoliating qualities so I picked up some Coalface. What Coalface does is absorb oil as it cleans your face which is great because an oily face is more prone to dirt and clogged up pores. It smells like liquorice which I oddly don’t mind too much considering how much I HATE liquorice 🙂 Some of the main ingredients are liquorice root, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, sandal wood and powdered charcoal. It also has exfoliating beads in which provide a gentle scrub, I know some people don’t like this but it leaves my face squeaky clean! I wear make up everyday and I like to know that when I wash my face it gets thoroughly cleaned!





Initially what I wanted from the start was the Ocean Salt with coconut and lime. I had heard so much about it and super eager to try it but when I got into the store I changed my mind and went for a mask instead. I got the Mask of Magnaminty, you gotta love the names! It’s a multi purpose mask that wakes the skin up and also help fight breakouts. It has peppermint oil, bentonite clay, honey, evening primrose oil and lost of other delightful ingredients in it.




The last thing I got was more of an impulse buy which looking back now should have been top of the list. For some weird reason my lips started getting really dry and not dry like oh its winter, better slap a bit more lip balm on, I mean realyl really dry! Like I was reacting to something. I couldn’t wear lipsticks for two weeks because of how bad it was and nothing seemed to help! So when I saw this lip scrub at the cash register I didn’t need convincing. And to be fair I could probably make this myself at home but they just had it so convenient in the lil glass tub that I had to pick it up. Its called Mint Julips and it’s made of castor sugar, jojoba oil, peppermint oil with vanilla extract. I love how it gets rid of dry patchy skin and leave my skin smooooothe!

Ok, so that’s it from my Lush buys, I can definitely tell you that I will back in the store soon to try Dark Angel and Ocean Salt which are scrubs and a couple of their shampoo bars. If you’re into Lush tell me what you’ve tried, what worked well for you and what you’re itching to try! Also please help a sister out, if you are along the same skin tone as me and suffer from really bad hyper pigmentation, what have you used. What do you find helps and please share your daily regimen. Ok I have to be up in about 5 hours for work so I’m calling it a night. Hope you all have a really week! Xxx


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