I’m back! Where have I been, what am I doing and all that good stuff…

Hey Guys and Happy Sunday!

First off I want to say a big thank you to God from Whom all blessings flow! I hope you guys are good and well. It has been a really long time since I’ve been here and I have to say it is good to be back! I have been itching and at the same time procrastinating to come back here. Don’t worry, it’s nothing huge or deep like that I’ve just been super busy and not settled these past few months. To be able to blog, personally, I feel you need to have your ish together, know where everything is and just be organised mentally. I feel no inspiration when I’m living out of a suitcase and struggling to find a pair of tights in the morning, I find it hard to gather my thoughts together.

From my last post ย I sorta caught you up to speed on what God has been up to in my life and where I was and where I was going. I think the last time we had a one to one was when I was still in Poland and getting all my stuff together to move back to Dublin and resume my previous position at work which I wan’t too thrilled about at the time but I have to say I was relieved to be getting out of Wroclaw. Yes, I had some amazing times there, made friends with some awesome people and fell in love with Inglot but at the end of the day it still wasn’t home and I missed my brother and English! A couple of months back , around April or May I had booked a trip to America which would come around two weeks after I was back in Dublin, which added some excitement into moving back. That trip was long over due and I had made an extensive list of products I was going to stock up on while there ( Don’t worry, I have a sweet haul coming up) lol, and stuff I wanted to do and people to see, so I was super excited as the time for the trip drew nearer. I had ached for a holiday for the longest time, my brain was tired of work and because of how God in all his glorious awesomeness worked out this new job it meant that I would be finishing up with my previous company a day before my trip. Which meant I didn’t have to travel with my work laptop or phone, it would be a real holiday without having to get calendar alerts for upcoming conference calls. This was exactly what I needed! I barely had time to unpack from Poland before being told I would be moving to London for a new job so I just sorta lived out of a suitcase for the last two months. I had so much fun on my trip but not enough time. I flew into Baltimore via Boston ( which btw is an awfully boring airport) and spent sometime with one of my oldest childhood friends and then to NYC to see to some of my other friends. The trip went by way too quick and before I knew it I had discarded my list, I just couldn’t get myself in the mood to shop with everything whizzing past, plus I sorta felt guilty about dragging who ever I was staying with from one make up store to another :(.

The view from my cousin's apartment in Manhattan.... LOVE!
The view from my cousin’s apartment in Manhattan…. LOVE!
Rocking the puff right before getting my chunky twists done
Rocking the puff right before getting my chunky twists done

I did however have a whole day to shop at Woodsbury Commons outlet just outside NYC. I went with my cousin and we had so much fun even though it was horrible and rainy outside. And on the way out there I stopped and Buddy’s bakery from the reality tv show Cake Boss ( you can not understand how excited I was! Freaking love Buddy! He’s such a BAWSE!) Which was just outside the coach station. I finally got to try the famous lobster tail and my goodness was it amazing!! All that delicious cream and pastry, soooo good! But that’s not all I did, I went shopping in SoHo for a bit then walked the whole length of 5th Avenue and ended up in Central Park buying a falafel from a food truck. I went for an exhibition at the MoMA with my friend who just moved into a pretty snazzy apartment in Brooklyn in the cutest neighbourhood.

I was sooooo excited when I got this!
I was sooooo excited when I got this!
....and more excited when I opened it!
….and more excited when I opened it!
The view from my friend's apartment in Brooklyn
The view from my friend’s apartment in Brooklyn

It was all around fun but before I knew it I was back in that dead airport in Boston waiting for my connecting flight to Dublin and just like that It was over. With the fun out the way I was left with a week to tie up loose ends in Dublin and get the apartment completely empty. I will not bore you with or remind myself of how horrible and stressful that week was, topped up with me being sick with the flu. I just really Thank God we were able to get it sorted. My brother had moved to the UK two weeks before so he came back that weekend to help with the last and worse part of the move. We took as much as we could in the car and cargo-ed the rest. We finally got to London at almost midnight after a 9 hour drive (we stopped in Manchester to see an aunt and to take a quick nap). I’ve now been in London for almost 5 weeks and I’ve finally found a place to live. I have to stay that was probably the hardest part of the move, finding a place that I liked, wasn’t too far from work and within my budget, but right when I was about to give up God came through for me AGAIN and I found the puuuuuuurfect room. I’m still in the process of getting everything in order but waking up every day in my bed never felt so good! I had always taken it for granted but there’s nothing as good as having your own place to just unwind and hide away. I love it.

So what’s to come you might ask (or not ask :p)? London isn’t a new city to me so getting into the swing of things wasn’t particularly hard for me but I am excited to be here and I love how there’s always so much to do. I don’t however like how expensive it is, but hey, what are you gonna do right??? My next couple of post are most likely going to be beauty related as I have so much to show and share with you guys and I’ve started dabbling in some facial products from LUSH. Very excited to step up my game in terms of my face regimen, it’s been long overdue…. and then finally I might actually get round to planning my darn wedding!

Missed being on here, I know it hasn’t been that long, but for the 9 months while I was in Poland, this blog really kept me company and inspired. It made being on my own in a truly strange place less daunting, and I’ll never take it for granted. Speak to you guys soon! xxx


6 thoughts on “I’m back! Where have I been, what am I doing and all that good stuff…”

  1. Welcome back hun! Love that pic of you and the rest of the pics. You always look so lovely. Congrats on that new place in London. I am glad you are liking it and it feels like home to you. Looking forward to more posts:-)


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