Update…. What God Has Been Up To :)

Hello All! It has been ages I know, there has literally been so much going on with me and God has just been embarrassing me with blessings. It has all been a bit of a whirlwind and it hasn’t really sunk in yet but I’m taking it all in. I had recently become dissatisfied with my job in Poland and to be honest I was just over life in Poland in general, no amount of Inglot products could make me feel better. I missed home and normality, I missed my brothers, friends, people speaking English, and I just couldn’t get with the people starring at me all the time. But with all that, I wasn’t sure if Dublin was where I still wanted to be or if I was even still interested in my job. I wanted to apply for jobs but I didn’t want to jump the gun with God but at the same time I had to put my faith to work right? So I applied for a couple of jobs I knew I was qualified for and got nothing back and I knew that my cv was right and I could do every single one of the positions I applied for but still nothing. So I left the job applications alone for a while and concentrated on work. I had been asked when I would like to return to Dublin and I had given them my ideal date which was mid August even though I had no interest in going back to Dublin or my job. I badly wanted a new start but I never voiced this out, not even in prayer, there was just something nagging in me for something fresh but it wasn’t accurate, it was just a feeling and I ignored it. But God didn’t.

Apart from not getting a response to my applications the other reason why I stopped applying was because it dawned on me that I have never gotten a job by looking for it or applying, it has always been through a referral or a recruiter souring me out. And so when I was sending out applications it was hard to add faith to it because I honestly didn’t feel it was going to get anywhere, it felt artificial, it didn’t feel like God. Shortly before I went home (Nigeria) for my parent’s anniversary I got contacted via LinkedIn for a job in Dublin, it was similar to what I was doing in Poland and it was located in central Dublin which meant not having to get up super early to get to work. I was so happy that someone was interested in me but there was something at the back of my mind that felt “Ugh, Dublin though” but I pushed it down. I didn’t want to be ungrateful just because of the location so I went with it. I had a screening call then an interview that went really well and everything seemed to be going good. All I was waiting for was my second final interview and they would make a decision which would be perfect because I could resign from my job while in Poland before I move back to Dublin at just have a brand new start… even if it was still in Dublin. One week went by, two, three, and still no word back from them on when the second interview would take place. I gave up, I was a recruiter too, I knew how this ‘you’re on hold’ game worked, I could be on hold for months and eventually forgotten about. So I forgot about it.

The recruiter that had approached genuinely liked me and was so nice and easy to talk to. Something kept nudging me to go back to her, but go back to her and say what? I had no idea but I felt like something was waiting to be put into motion and all I had to do was to pull the trigger by faith, I really felt this way. So I went back to the recruiter and told her that if she had any other positions that she thought I would be suitable for she should consider me for them… even if it wasn’t in Dublin. Within 5 mins she got back to me telling me that there was another role but in London, was I interested? Heck yea I was! Because I had already had a face to face interview with one of the senior managers he was able to vouch for my personality in person, so all I had was have a brief 20min call with someone else and the job was mine… just like that. But not really.

To anyone reading this you’re probably thinking ‘big deal, so you got a new job, keep it moving please’ and that’s fair enough. I felt compelled to share this because for me it is an amazing thing but also because I feel that someone else might need this encouragement to keep the faith. Everything happens for a reason with God, even mistakes work out for good with God. When I got the opportunity to go out to Poland it came at a time where I desperately needed change, I needed to be uprooted from my role in Dublin into something new that would push me. And with my role in Poland that was what I gained, the experience and exposure was right on the money. What I thought was just a change in environment was a step towards my new job and I didn’t know it. I was to busy panicking towards the end of it that I gained all this experience and for what, to go back to my old boring job? Not knowing that it was that same experience that got the recruiter to find me easily on LinkedIn. God needed me to get the experience to be considered for the position and make it through to the first round of interviews which gave me the opportunity to show my personality and get my foot in the door. The job in Dublin was just another stepping stone to my true heart desire. The job I have now accepted in London has nothing to do with the role I was doing in Poland because even though I got all that experience and challenges in Poland the truth is that I was sick of the role itself and that was why I had become dissatisfied. If I had gotten the job in Dublin I would have become dissatisfied fairly quickly too, but even I didn’t know that but God did. Just liked he new want I really wanted even though I was never bold enough to ask for it out loud. He met me at the level of my faith. At one point it felt like it was all up in the air and nothing seemed to be working, I felt myself getting depressed because of how out of control I was in regards to knowing what was going on. I’m always one for telling people to trust God, but it’s easier said than done when that means sitting in the dark for a while…. Be still and know I am God. I hear that in my head all the time and it helps, it’s difficult but it helps. You might be going through something right now or waiting on God for something, don’t worry about your level of faith God will meet you at that level. Do not lose hope and exercise your faith, if it is God’s will you will know it.


5 thoughts on “Update…. What God Has Been Up To :)”

  1. Sis, this post is truly speaking to me. Exercising our faith and trust in God is definitely easier said than done. But all it takes is for us to have the smallest amount of faith for God to be able to work on our behalf. Congrats on the new job and I hope that it continues to prove to be a blessing for you. πŸ™‚


  2. This is so awesome! God really works in ways we can’t even imagine. I’m convinced that it was God that caused me to almost literally fall into the job I have now. Congratulations on your new job!


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