Cool Tees!

I have been looking for indie graphic tees for the longest time! So happy about this post! Thanks Amma! x

Amma Mama

I love graphic tees! What better time to rock a cute graphic tee than in the summer!?! I wanted to share some cool companies that make some cute tees!

1. Republic & CompanyBruh Man 5th Flo' Tank Top

For all my Martin fans this company has the cutest shirts pertaining to the classic hit 90s tv show!!!  However, this Bruh Man 5th Flo’ Tank Top has to be my FAV! If you’re a Martin fan, you understand the significance of the four fingers used to represent the “Fifth Flo”…LOL Oh Bruh Man! Check out some classic Bruh Man clips right here. I LOVE Martin<3

 2. The Hillman College Bookstore

Hillman GradWhere are all my A Different World fans at?? #TeamWhitneyandDwayne < Oh yea! I actually own a Hillman College shirt! I love it! The day I wore it, a black man stopped me on the street and said “That’s Bill Cosby’s school!!” I had…

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