Dealing With Sin

Ok, lets talk a lil about sin today. Now, for must of us as Christians sin is a constant battle in our lives and something that we go head to head with either our flesh or the devil. And it’s tough, you want to come up victorious all the time! You want to stick it to the Devil and say not today! You want to gain control of your life and stop letting yourself get away with things you know you are better and stronger than. The Bible tells us to look at all sin as being equal and should be treated as so ( James 2: 10 -11), but what we tend to do is water down the weight of certain sins. For instance lying –  it doesn’t feel as bad as killing someone – which is also frowned on by society, plus there are serious consequences for committing this sin/crime. You will not only have to answer to God but man as well. But how about lying? The Bible says that all liars shall find themselves in the  lake of fire (Revelation 21:8)… how much more severe does it need to get for us to take that seriously. This isn’t me talking down on you in any way, I myself tell the occasional lie to get myself out of an awkward or sticky situation and think nothing of it… most times.

Now for sin as little as that we sometimes feel nothing, heck we even forget to ask for forgiveness sometimes and we let it become part of our “Christian Life”. For some reason over the last two years I have decided that I didn’t want to be that type of Christian anymore, I wanted to rise above mediocrity  and really place God above all else. So I asked for a sensitive spirit, one that would get pricked at the slightest thing. Yes, at the slightest thing I wanted to feel the weight of the cross on my back just to keep myself in check. I have so many issues with my spiritual life and I think a lot of it stems from my laid back attitude to sin… all sin really. Some times I feel that God’s grace and mercy is a gift and a burden at the same time. Because I know grace abounds I somehow let my sins abound as well making a mental note to ask for forgiveness the following day or before I go to bed that night ( Romans 6:1). How can I live this way, shouldn’t my relationship with the Almighty be powered by love and fear above all else??? Let’s even forget for second that God is also an all-consuming fire (Hebrews 12: 28 -29), I look at people here on earth that I say that I love- family, friends, boyfriend etc. I would never intentionally do anything that I know would upset them constantly, that would be the opposite of what I say I feel for them. And these people haven’t even really given me anything when compared to the blessings I have received from God. What does it say about my regard for God?

And then there are some sins that are constant- addictive almost, you all know these sins. The thorn in the flesh sort of sins – the besetting sins that put so much distance between you and God! The ones that you don’t even what to ask for forgiveness for because of the shame, you want to burn just a bit longer in the guilt and sorrow as your penance even though you know that Jesus has already paid the ultimate price. We all have these sins, and depending on the level of your relationship with God you might not even have figured out which they are yet. But, you will find that as your relationship with God grows and your spirit becomes more sensitive there will be this one thing that you find yourself doing constantly. And no matter how much you want to move forward with God it knocks you down every time, and sometimes without any prompting from the devil.  Now I don’t know if this is what Paul was referring to as the thorn in his flesh to keep him humble, but if it is then I totally get it! This “thorn in my flesh” reminds me how important it is to always be in God’s presence, how weak I am on my own, how prone I am to doing wrong, and overall how much I need God.

Sin is terrible because it creates a distance between God and us (Genesis 3: 7 – 10), but it is also something that we will have to deal with daily while here on earth. On our own we are not strong enough to rise above it everyday but with the help of the holy spirit and a contrite heart we can be victorious everyday. When sin happens be careful with how long you let guilt linger – the bible says that sorrow without repentance leads to death ( 2 Corinth 7: 10). Always make sure you go back to God, don’t let the devil use sin to wedge a gap between you God, don’t leave it till it’s too late.  And above all, let your relationship with God be fueled by love, real love! The sort of love that will always make you check yourself to make sure you aren’t offending God, the kind of love that will let you sacrifice your flesh to please Him everyday!

I hope someone reads this and finds it helpful or can relate. It’s easier to say don’t sin but we are human and constantly fall short, but what we do when we fall is what counts. I write this because it’s easier for me to go through stuff when I can map it out in front me in words and that’s all this is. It’s a little lengthier than my usual posts but I believe that those of you who read it till the end will find value in it. I believe that our Christian life is a marathon and not a sprint ( Hebrews 12:1-2) – we need to keep at it!

Happy Sunday guys!



2 thoughts on “Dealing With Sin”

  1. Hello Sis. Happy Sunday! I can relate to you because all sin no matter what it is, is disobedience. When we grow deeper in love with God and our relationship with Him, we become much more sin conscious. We then desire to be more pleasing to Him and to be fruitful in our Christian walk, therefore, we evaluate ourselve as a result. This really is a good thing! The good thing is that you are aware of your actions and you love God enough to take a look at yourself. You have something to measure your growth by. Last time you may not have acknowledge an error, but now you have acknowledged it and are writing about it. You are measuring your actions to God’s Holy Word. That’s a good thing. Because you’re growing in wisdom and gaining understanding. Thank you for sharing! 🙂


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