I am tired….

I do not want to make small talk, I do not feel like smiling.

No, I am not in a mood, I just don’t feel the need to smile like an idiot for no reason at all.

No, everything isn’t bubbly and fun.

And no, I don not care that the sun is out, that does nothing for my mood.

My day will not just magically brighten up because the sun is out.

It was up when I had to be in the office for 7.30am this morning!

Newsflash, it’s summer! The sun is always out and bad things still and will happen.

Plus its 33 degrees out!

I am tired.

I don’t care about emails, I have no interest in changing someone’s life by offering them their dream job.

Not today.

Today I have no sympathy for candidates who come in for their interviews nervous.

No, I do not want to hold your hand and calm you down.

I am just tired.

The office banter,

The compliments on my hair,

Laughing at my boss’s jokes,

Thinking of what to have for lunch,

Chatting about upcoming vacations.

I do not care.

Maybe tonight I’ll sleep good and emerge from bed covers a social butterfly in the morning,

But not today.

Today I am tired.

Just Tired.


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