Yes! Engaged!

Yes I know I am so late on this and for those of you that follow me on Instagram you will already know but for those of you that don’t…. I got engaged last week.

I was home (Nigeria) for a flying visit last weekend to celebrate my parent’s 30th anniversary. It was a last min trip, totally unplanned but I was able to pull it off with work. While I was home my boyfriend of 4 years popped the question and I of course said yes! The proposal itself was not elaborate and I was barely awake for the speech before he presented the ring. Come to think of it I’m not entirely sure I heard him ask me to marry him but I don remember saying yes and getting very excited. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for romantic speeches and looking back now I wish I had paid more attention but I had been awake for 24 hours prior to that, I caught the red-eye the night before and he asked me straight after picking me from the airport at 5am in the morning. Luckily we had my parents dinner in the evening to get all glammed up for because I looked like a hot mess when I arrived and my nails were looking like the thing that comes after ratchet! We had a professional photographer at the dinner hence the lovely pictures that I am now able to share with you guys.

People get engaged everyday, yes, I know. But I can’t help feeling overwhelmed and super proud of us, I don’t talk much about my relationship here so some of you may not know that I am in a long distance relationship and not just at the moment but for all time. We have been in long distance since we started, and I can here people already throwing shade at us for deciding to spend the rest of our lives together despite haven’t ever lived together. I don’t need to live with someone full-time to know whether or not they would get on my nerves. There is probably nobody else in the whole world who winds me up the way my boyfriend Fiance does, I know that much. In the 4 years we have been together we have really gone through it, you can’t begin to imagine the issues and situations we have had to crawl under or rise above to get to where we are right now and don’t even get me started on the sacrifices we have made for each other! I might not know every single thing about him now but that’s ok, I’ve got my forever to fill up with that, I know enough now to be certain that I want to be with him always.

I might decide to go into detail about how exactly we met and what long distance has taught me, but for now, I would like to dedicate this post to my super amazing bestie, boyfriend, and finally Fiance. I love you and thank for this sparkler of a ring, it is the prettiest thing I have ever owned!








15 thoughts on “Yes! Engaged!”

  1. You are both cuties! Cheers to many many years of living out your lives together! πŸ™‚

    (People get engaged everyday lol but Dupe doesn’t get engaged everyday. No need to feel like you should hold back x)


  2. Love the photos! Really happy for you guys. I’m so glad and grateful on your behalf that God has brought you guys this far and I pray that He will complete what He has started in Jesus name…AMEN!!! :)❀️


  3. Awwww congrats to you guys and well done for coming this far even with a long distance relationship! Here’s praying for God’s continued guidance and blessings as you both plan your future together! x


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