Inglot “Mini” Haul

Hey guys!  So last week I made a super quick dash home for my parent’s anniversary shindig and I decided to pick a lil something for my mum, that something was makeup. I went for the closest make up store to me which is Inglot and got her some basics that I thought would be worth sharing with you guys. And of course I got a lil something for my self *wink* But on the real guys my no buy starts right now. I’m really done now …. well maybe after the next post 🙂


My mum has the basics when it comes to make up and I mean basic basic, and it always seems to be scattered everywhere! She doesn’t have eyeshadows or any good quality palettes so I thought it would be good to help her build her make up bag gradually.  My mum has very good skin so she doesn’t need a lot of make up to cover or conceal anything like I do. When I say she basics I mean foundation and primers so I focused more on shadows and lip glosses which I know she loves. I wanted something compact she could carry around easily so I opted for the quad eyeshadow freedom palette.


  • I picked 3 shimmery shades and a dark matte brown for a subtle smokey effect. My mum isn’t very adventurous with eye make up so I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.  I can not get over Inglot’s packaging! I just love love it, I have never come across a more sleek-looking palette! Hands down they are the most stylish when it comes to packaging.
  • Again for the blush I wanted something simple tht wouldn’t require too much of a technique to apply. These shades will go well with any skin tone and not overbearing. The fact the have slight reflect in them means they will also provide a subtle highlight.
  • My mum isn’t a huge fan of the full on look lipsticks give so I went with these two glosses, again I went for shimmery glosses.
  • And last but not least I picked up an eyeliner in black because no look is complete without a little giving your eyes an outline.

Moving on to what I got for myself 🙂 I didn’t plan on buying anything and if I’m being honest, I have raided Inglot last and early this year so I’m pretty much over their products now. I have tried everything thing I’ve been intrigued by but I came across these three beauties while in the store!

I love pigments! I’m still not great at working with them yet but I loooooove them! Everyone raves about certain eye shadows being the darkest black they have ever seen but I really I think I have found it! Inglot’s AMC pigment eyeshadow in 88 is the BOMB! It never occurred to me to ever get a pigment eyeshadow in black but this isn’t just black, it has beautiful gold reflects in it! Guys I am in love!!! Like how amazing would a smokey eye with this pigment be!?! 🙂


Next up is this beautiful iridescent body sparkle in 51! I’m not going to go on about this little pot of magic, I will let the swatches show you! This is the second body sparkle I have picked up from Inglot and I think it adds gorgeous sparkle to the eyes when applied on top of other shadows.


And last but not least! Probably my favorite at of all three things is AMC lipgloss in 541! In the glass tube it looks like some sort of magic serum and you can’t quite tell what colour it is, but when you swatch it reflects every color like an oily gooey mixed up rainbow! Again its very similar to the the body sparkle with it’s iridescence qualities. I have no idea when or how I’m going to rock this lippie but I am looking forward to it! 🙂 Well that’s in for my super “mini” Inglot haul!

Inglot AMC Lipgloss
Inglot AMC Lipgloss 541

Thanks for stopping by 😉


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