Hair Update

Hi Guys! I am just popping in to give a quick update on whats been going on with my hair. I’ve had my private stock hair in for the last two months and I took it out last week. If you would like to know my thoughts on PS Hair click here to see my review. In conclusion to the review the only thing I will say is that you can’t really get more than two months out of it unless you made a wig with it. Towards the end of the two months I noticed that it became harder to restore the curls and softness of the hair and it matted a lot easier as well, this was my cue to take it out. I would definitely opt for this style for a future protective style 🙂

Mac Relentlessly Red - Lined my lips with Mac's Magenta
PS Hair – ‘Go Natural’

I can’t say that I noticed any dramatic changes in my hair. Obviously there was a lot of product build up on my scalp but a week before I took out my install I co-washed my hair so my hair was fairly moisturized and the breakage and shedding I was expecting to see was actually very little which was what I was most happy about.

Normally as soon as I take a protective style out I shampoo my hair immediately but I had just gotten back from a work weekend away and we were up partying to the early hours of the morning so I was not about to jump into a 4 hour wash day routine. Now because I had co-washed a week before I knew I could go a week without cleansing my hair, so I did. I put my hair into sections and moisturized before I went to bed and that was it. For the next day and entire week I had my hair in a puff.

Generally my hair felt strong and healthy and throughout last week I was contemplating if I would want to try a treatment on my hair because I knew I would be getting a protective style done the following week (this week). The first thing that I thought would be good to do was a protein type treatment because I had heard that it was good for strengthening your hair after a protective style. Now I wasn’t too keen on doing it because my hair does not like protein, it prefers moisture and I was right… but I did it anyway. I did a DIY treatment myself using natural honey, avocado oil, coconut oil, Treseme Natural conditioner, EVO and coconut milk. There were other recipes that included more protein based products but I opted for just the coconut milk as my main product. Can I just say that this mixture smelt heavenly, it took the will of God for me not to dip my finger in and lick it. It was out of this world! Like the best smoothie never created! Anyway…. and because I still hadn’t cleansed my scalp after taking out the protective style I decided to do an ACV rinse before applying the DC to get rid of the product build up but I recently read on Neno Natural that this was actually ineffective. I should have done the ACV after my DC because it closes and flattens your hair cuticles *sigh*… oh well at least I know for next time. For this DIY conditioner I would suggest you use more conditioner that coconut milk, the consistency was runny and made application very messy… it kept on running down the side of my face! I rinsed it out after 30mins and followed up with a moisturizer and oil for sealing.


DIY Deep Condition and ACV Rinse
DIY Deep Condition and ACV Rinse
My hair the following day after my protein DC... looked good but felt dry, especially at the ends.
My hair the following day after my protein DC… looked good but felt dry, especially at the ends.

As I predicted my hair did not care very much for the protein treatment. Over the next two days I noticed my hair was a weird kind of dry and even after moisturizing it still didn’t change. So I thought now would be a good time to try out my AphoGee 2 Min Moisture Treatment.

AphoGee 2 minute Moisture treatment
AphoGee 2 minute Moisture treatment

I have to say I was pretty impressed with the results, the feel of my hair was instantly improved and this morning my hair felt more moisturized than it did after the protein treatment.

Twist out with Cantu Shea Butter curling creme, curls were more defined but I picked at the at the roots to give it more volume

My hair journey is series of lessons for me and these are some of the things I’ve observed so far;

  • My hair does not like PROTEIN 🙂
  • I have been natural for 2 years + and I haven’t seen a lot of growth in the length department. Now I’m not overly bothered about it because I have never had length even when I was relaxed. And I know the number 1 rule for being natural is to never compare yourself to anyone else but I can’t help but notice people that started their natural hair journey the same time with me having more length. My hair spends so much time being thick that it forgets to grow vertically!
  • I’ve just come to accept that there are certain parts of my hair (the sides) that will always stay desert dry no matter what I do.
  • My scalp gets dirty very easily and sometimes the only thing that will help is some good ol’ Shampooing!
Lazy length check... my hair is longer in the middle and front than any where else.
Lazy length check… my hair is longer in the middle and front than anywhere else.

Sorry about the length of this post… it’s been a while. If you can relate to anything I have mentioned in this post please leave a comment below!


Thank you for reading! xxx




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