30 Years Never in Doubt

It’s my parent’s 30 years Anniversary today and my big brother being the writer that he is sent this to the family today and I thought he did a great job of capturing everthing we wanted to say.

Dear All,

It is a circumstance of our being in different places that makes us unable to be with our parents on this most auspicious of occasions; nevertheless I trust that we are all finding time to be thankful and reflect on the 30 years of marriage and family.
We should all take a moment, to be thankful for health, for provision and for stability, as you all well know these are not traits that are common in every home. I think I speak for everyone when I say we have also learnt a lot from being products of this marriage, we have learnt commitment, we have learnt compromise and we have learnt an unwavering regard for family above all things.
It is perhaps most fitting then, that the 30th anniversary is happening when most of us have made the decision or will soon make the decision on whom to settle with; I think more than anything we have seen firsthand that a marriage is not the ceremony, and that happily ever after requires work, we have seen beyond the veil and we are grateful for it.
To our parents we say Salut!! We thank you for never ceasing from parenting us, even when we don’t want you to, we thank you for the weekly phone calls and e-mails. Mom we thank you for the sevvvvvvvvvvvvveralllllllllllllll times you dragged us [especially me] kicking and screaming to be prayed for; Dad we thank you for the many times you lifted a financial burden off us even when we felt we could go it alone; we thank you for imbibing the culture of family in us, the many memories around a monopoly board, or snakes and ladders board. We thank you for never walking away from us or from each other, and we look forward to another 30 years, this time with slightly more people around the dinner table [grandchildren].
So wherever you are please raise your glass with me [Bunmi that glass better be full of Ribena] and toast to Mum and Dad’s good health, good fortune and good cheer!



6 thoughts on “30 Years Never in Doubt”

  1. Happy Wedding anniversary to your parents. May God continue to uphold their union. They shall also live to reap the fruits of their offsprings. God bless them.


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