4 weeks in – Private Stock Hair Review

Happy Sundays peoples! I hope church was good for those of you who went and I really hope everyone’s been having a great start to the week already. Quickly dropping by to let you guys know how I am getting on with my Private Stock hair, I mentioned in my previous post that I would come back in a couple of weeks and let you know how the hair was holding up.

I took the hair out a few days ago to wash my scalp and you guys saw that with the up-do I was rocking for most of last week . As well as washing my hair I also had a chance to wash the Private Stock hair too. Now one of the main reason I took the hair out was because I was not happy with way I had gotten it installed. I work in a corporate environment and though it was cute when I first did, it walking around with a big bunch hair in my face all day just didn’t suit me at all, and the hair just seemed to get bigger even with all the shedding! 2-3 days before I took it out I started wearing it up in a really messy bun with a head band just to get it out of my face, and I left it like that for 3 days. As you can imagine the hair was a tangled mess when I took it down.


I panicked a little thinking I had destroyed the hair but then I remembered I bought the Pantene co-wash to test on the Private Stock hair and it worked brilliantly. Got rid of the tangles and brought the curls back to life effortlessly.

Patene Natural Co-Wash
Pantene Natural Co-Wash


Private Stock Hair- Curls refreshed after co-washing
Private Stock Hair- Curls refreshed after co-washing

Getting it installed a second time I decided to go for a centre part this time with some leave out thinking that i could manipulate my hair to blend with the curls but it has been a fail and I’m close to walking out of my house with my leave out in two flat twists. I have tried everything but the curls just won’t hold with my texture!


I am on the verge of throwing a huge blob of gel at my leave out to get some curl definition. I find that the Private Stock hair has a similar texture to my hair towards the ends but from the wefts down to the middle the curls are more defined and practically impossible to blend with a 4c hair texture. It doesn’t help that my hair is black and the weave is a light brown.

You can see my hair clearly... it just won't blend :(
You can see my hair clearly… it just won’t blend 😦

But anyway, let’s talk about some of the things I have observed about the hair. Everything I said in my original post still stands; the hair does shed a lot but with that being said I did cut one of the wefts and I didn’t seal them. The hair is super soft but is high maintenance, you need to know how to take care of hair to get the best out of this hair. You will need to dust the ends a tiny bit to keep it neat and fresh looking. The curls pop more when the hair is wet so you need to wet it a little with the spray bottle in the mornings to revive the curls. I definitely love this hair and have become a fan of kinky textured extensions in general! 🙂

I’ll do a final review when I take the hair out at the end of the month, but in the meantime does anyone have any tips for blending my 4c hair with this type of curl pattern before I leave my house looking ratchet ( I live and work with predominantly white people who can’t tell when something isn’t right with my hair so I take a lot of liberties… a lot 🙂 )

HELP! xxx


2 thoughts on “4 weeks in – Private Stock Hair Review”

  1. I appreciate your honest review, I didn’t quite catch what kind you got ‘go natural’ ‘fro natural’? i am considering buying this hair next week to go out of town and i’ve heard mostly good reviews about the hair so I’m happy to hear another perspective. I want to buy the ‘pure beauty’. would you recommend this hair for purchase or no?


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