So this is what’s going on with my hair today….

Took my Private Stock hair out Friday evening because I wanted to give my scalp a proper clean and I’m happy I did because my hair really needed it. There was a lot of breakage so I had to spend time getting moisture back into my hair. Woke up this morning and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my hair plus I went hiking yesterday so I was no mood for hair tantrums. I wanted something quick and tamed without having to pull my hair into a bun, so I did what everyΒ  Natural would do and got on YouTube to look for a tutorial and this was the result πŸ™‚

Natural Hair Updo - 4C
Natural Hair Updo – 4C


I sorta used a hair band to hold it together at the back because my hair is thicker than it is long and it just won’t hold with a tuck and pin. But it was able to do it in front with like a gazillion bobby pins of course πŸ™‚



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