In light of the ferocious terrorism in Nigeria that has taken a darker twist this year, resulting in the kidnapping of a seemingly uncertain number of young females (200+), I want to express my utter distaste with the situation. It is beyond appalling that a month after this happened, we are still just about where we began. I hope I can inspire our community to do more, thus I would highlight the three major problems surrounding the bigger issue, with a view to generate greater efforts to reach a solution that would not be a mere palliative, but a permanent step in the right direction for all optimistic Nigerians.

1. The Government: Now, throughout this entire time I have done all I possibly can to restrain myself from pointing accusing fingers at any government officials. I see them as victims of circumstance; our President did not anticipate this level of…

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Author: callmekunle

The little brother tagging along on my sister's blog. You won't see to many posts from me as I have a serious case of procrastination. It is something I'm working on fixing. Like a lot of things and can talk about most things, so I'm sort of a mixed bag.

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