Private Stock Hair Review

Hi Guys,

I’m finally getting round to banging this post out. So I finally got my hair after 6 weeks, the longest wait ever and completely unprofessional. Naturally the unnecessary delay and bad customer service put me off big time before even receiving the hair. Private Stock hair does not deliver  worldwide yet so I had to get my friend in the States to order it and then post it down to me (yes y’all, that was how committed I was to getting this hair). And no, that is not the reason it took so long for me to get it. It took my friend six-weeks of calling and emailing for her to receive the hair before sending it to me, which only took 4 days. I’ve already said that no matter how much I love the hair I will never be ordering from there again unless they start delivering worldwide and up their customer service and I still stand by that. From what I’ve heard, it’s the owner who runs everything herself which can explain the tragic delays and lack of customer service.

I wanted a protective style that wouldn’t put too much stress on my hair and would allow me to take care of my own hair properly. With a kinky textured weave I don’t have to worry of it getting greasy looking , which is the absolute worst with non-kinky weaves. With my private stock hair I’m able to drench my hair completely and co-wash as normal because the weave itself requires co-washing and because I specifically got my tracks to be spaced out I’m able to oil my scalp easily.

This was how it came straight out of the pack
This was how it came straight out of the pack


And this is what it looked like after I ran my fingers through it a couple of times. You can real create your on texture and manage the curl definition.
And this is what it looked like after I ran my fingers through it a couple of times. You can really create your on texture and manage the curl definition.


Ok, let’s get into it! I got two bundles of the Go Natural Collection, both in a length 16 at $163 each ( yes this ish does not come cheap!) , and it came in this sort of natural brown colour which I’m not really feeling right now, but it’s all good because I’m able to dye it. It’s a 3a-4c texture depending on how much frizz you create with your fingers. It’s the frizz that really gives it the natural afro look and it’s also the frizz that causes it to tangle and matte, be warned!

This hair is all sorts of full! I love it and its the perfect blend of frizz and curl definition to make it look natural!
This hair is all sorts of full! I love it and its the perfect blend of frizz and curl definition to make it look natural!


I got a full head sewn in, I didn’t leave any of my hair out which I seriously regret now! I was too worried that my hair texture wouldn’t blend but after having it for 4 days now I can see that it would not have been a problem, but it’s so full looking that it would probably have hidden my hair anyway.

I haven't used a comb or brush on this hair, I literally just pull at the curls in the morning and that's it. But this weekend I'm definitely going to have to conddition and detangle
I haven’t used a comb or brush on this hair, I literally just pull at the curls in the morning and that’s it. But this weekend I’m definitely going to have to condition and detangle



  • It’s very natural looking so you don’t have to give up your natural hair look to get a protective style
  • It will make you look after your natural hair because it requires the same care
  • I’s a protective style
  • It’s super soft
  • You can build the look of fullness and alter the texture from 3a to 4c yourself
  • It’s 100% human hair so if you take care of it you can get your money’s worth ( and you would want to with the amount it costs!)


  • It is on the pricey side
  • Customer service was not great
  • It’s high maintenance
  • There’s quite a bit of shedding
  • it tangles a lot and can get matted

Overall, I freaking love this hair, I love the look and feel of it, it’s exactly what I wanted. Yes, it is high maintenance but I had prepared myself mentally for it as I stated in my previous post. Will I be ordering from them again anytime soon? Probably not, not until I know they’ve upped their customer service game.

If you have any questions about the hair that I haven’t answered in this post please drop me a comment below and I’ll try to answer, and if you’ve used Private Stock Hair before let me know your thoughts. I’ll do a review update in a couple of weeks to show you how the hair holds up! πŸ™‚



8 thoughts on “Private Stock Hair Review”

  1. I really love your honest review of the pros and cons. I have been seriously researching a hair to match my own texture. I commented on the ‘4 weeks in’ already. I’m am kind of disappointed to hear that the customer service was so bad. I need my hair done ASAP and I was planning on ordering from them. I’m telling you girl, I have researched to the extreme. Everything I could find about this hair. There are mostly positive reviews. I compared the reviews of this hair to heat free hair and others. I’m surprised to hear that it is high maintenance because I’ve watched many youtube videos that said it was really easy to deal with, which is why I decided to try this instead of heat free. The thing about the youtube videos is that many times the hair is actually sent to the vloggers by the owner, so I tried to find reviews from people who actually purchased the hair and they were still pretty positive. Any other info you can give? i really really want a natural weave for my upcoming trip while I have some extra $$$. I have to say your pictures look really beautiful which makes me kinda still want the hair.


    1. Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading both posts! I got the “Go Natural” texture and I loved it! Like loved it! The customer service was not the best I’ll admit, but one month with the hair made me forget all about it. The hair gave me fierce lioness all day everyday LOL! It is high maintenance in the sense that you would take care of it the way you would take care of your natural hair. So things like not going to bed without having your hair in twists to prevent it from matting, co-washing to bring the curls back to life etc. There was also some shedding with the hair which did not bother me at all because this hair is super duper full! I only used two bundles and I have a big head lol and it was still so full. I would definitely recommend you getting the hair if you are ok with everything I’ve said. I had bad experience with shipping but that could also be because it was international, yours will most likely be quicker and nightmare free. I hope this was helpful, let me know if you have any more questions πŸ™‚

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      1. Hey thanks for the quick reply! I think I will still get it. I’ll talk to them about the shipping! Nice blog as well, thank you for sharing because I don’t always trust those youtube reviewers who were given free hair! (^_^)


  2. Thank you for your honesty. I would like to know, did you cut the hair at all or is that the true length of 16 inches? Thanks.


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