Blast From The Past

I’ve had a blog on Blogger for the last couple of years and it was where I orignally started blogging. It was a lot different from what I do here and I’m happy that I’ve moved on from it. I was a lot younger then and more fascinated with engaging with my negative emotions than with my positive. I usually got more inspired to write when I was going through stuff, so like I said I’m happy to have gotten away from that stage of my life. But that aside, there are still some beautiful things I wrote that I would like to share with you guys here and I thought they would have been an easier way to import my post here but with Google taking over the word and my original Blogger account being Hotmail (Outlook) it is now virtually impossible to edit anything on that blog. It’s so furstrating and I’m tempted to go into a big rant about it but I won’t. If there is anyone out there with the same problem please let me know how I can get back my admin access,  have a google account and when I login in with it all I’m allowed to do it put up a new post. Please help!

This beauty was written when I was going through some sort of internal conflict apparently… yes, I know, I was too deep for my age :p

The Fight With(In) Me

These tears running down my face,

Causing cracks in my well put together lie.

Seeping into my fake smile like justice through the grasp of oppressors!

Internal screams

Why are you fighting against me!

You are inside for a reason!

No one wants to see you!

No one wants to understand it!

Don’t you see, you fool!

The lie is a necessary cover for you!

You need me to be your outside!

You wouldn’t survive if it was any other way.

I work so hard to keep it together to protect you!

How dare you try to embarrass me!

You are me but on the inside!

The pain you feel, we feel!

At night in the dark when we are one, who nurses these delicate tears??

Me! You! We do!

Which arms grab at the sides to stop you (us) from ripping apart?

Me! You! We do!

You think I’m the one that’s fake when we are just ONE!

Now u seep out at the corners,

Trying to catch me out when all I’ve ever done is give you the protection that you NEEDED!

But that’s ok!

These hands will no longer run to my face to catch or wipe away the truth.

You think they will accept you for what you truly are??

You fool!

Everyone needs someone

And I am/was your someone!

You can’t be weak in and out,

You needed my façade.

I thought you were worth protecting too,

I really did.

Yes, weak but widely misunderstood.

But now I see you are selfish and only crave attention.

You’ll do anything to be heard and seen,

Even destroying yourself.

I hope you make a life out of it because I am done.

Take the front seat!

See how they like you now.


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