Make Up Demo

Happy Sunday guys! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far, weather here is bright and war,! So I’m sitting here watching Golden Boy but honestly I’m really watching Theo James, and it occurs to me that I haven’t dabbled with make up in a bit, plus I have a wedding next weekend. So I decided to get a head start on deciding on what colours I would wear next weekend make up wise. Putting on the make up isn’t what takes my time, it’s deciding on the colours that really slows me down! I’m wearing a black dress with sequins from the neck down to the waist so there are a couple of colours to play with. Today I tried a navy blue in the inner and outer corner of my eye and a turquoise shimmer colour in the middle and I just smoked out the outer corners a bit to give it a smouldering edge. Because the eyes were a bit on the dramatic side I went for nude pink lips. I used a chocolate-brown lip pencil to line the outer corners of my lips and filled them in with NYX’s lip pencil in Natural then I went over with Mac’s Viva Glam lipstick in Nicki 2 and used NYX’s mega shine lip gloss in Nude Peach. The under dog product for the this look are definitely the lashes! I love them so much, they’re the Cherry Blossom lashes in #47. I’ve got to stack up on them the next time I make an order :). On my cheeks I have La Femme’s blush in Peach Sparkle. Looking at this look now I can see that for next weekend I’m going to find a way to incorporate some green into my eye look and find a slightly more peachy lip colour too. I’m very happy I did this today, it will definitely speed me up come next weekend :). Again sorry about the quality of the pictures,  I took them on my phone. Have a great week ahead guys, God bless 😉







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