Pet Peeves

People who get on the plane and decide to have a conversation in the aisle oblivious of the people waiting on the stairs in the freezing cold and wind! It actually produces venom in my throat

People who stare over your shoulder and look at your screen, especially at work! You come over to my desk to tell me something and stare and read what’s on my screen! Can not stand it.

People who can’t communicate and refuse to use processes and procedures. Again, especially at work. You writing emails to me asking why so and so hasn’t been updated when you didn’t bother to include me the process or provide me with the info I need, how am I meant to know!

People who don’t have a decisive bone in them. The easy going breezy people who have to go with the crowd, people who literally live by the motto, the more the merrier… ALL THE TIME. You going for lunch with your work buddy you’ve both decided what you’re in the mood for and you start heading out, bump into a group of office people at the elevator also going for lunch.  Your work buddy ask where they’re going and invites himself and you to join them, and BAM! Just like that you end up having cold sushi on a freezing cold afternoon when all you really wanted was warm soup and a toastie. Don’t get me wrong I like going for lunch with people but sometimes I just want time to sit down and switch off, take a break from small talk…  

. . . Which brings me to my next pet peeve. I hate hate hate hate small talk!  I wouldn’t do it to save my life, I’ll rather share a sit with a python than force a conversation with a stranger. It’s so bad that I always have my earphones in my ears, even when there’s no music playing.  I like my quiet time on the bus to reply my messages, listen to music, be on instagram, or read my book! I don’t want to talk to you,  don’t worry you’re not being rude, I’m ok on my own thank you! I used to have the exception for really good looking guys but since being in a relationship I don’t want to make small talk with them either! 

people who feel the need to speak on my behalf! No! Stop it right this instant! That’s how you get people to lie about how they really feel. You go ahead talking on their behalf saying ‘we this’ and ‘we that’ and you’ve gone on for so long that when you confront the person it’s too embarrassing to tell the truth so they just say ‘yea, sure I feel the same way’. Do not do this in a relationship you might be disappointed and deeply hurt. Never take it upon your self to voice what you think might be the other person’s opinion. .. ‘we want to have 2 children and move out of the city’ in front of your parents… she’s sitting there thinking ‘errr… no I don’t’ but smiles and nods! Don’t do it people!

People who take it upon themselves to state the obvious in a crucial situation. ” I can’t get into work today because my car won’t start, I could get a disciplinary meeting for being late a third time” and Captain Obvious replies , ” Yea, because normally you would drive to work but now you can’t because you’re car isn’t starting and you will be late” volcanic eruptions have nothing on the sensation of annoyance and probably a lil hatred that surges through me… Nothing!

People who refuse to apply themselves!  I remember my dad used to drill this into me as a kid when he would help me with my sums and it used to intimidate me then but as an adult it makes so much sense.  I’m all up for helping and teaching people stuff they need to know but if you refuse to apply yourself what is the point??? You’re not even trying. Nothing gets me as annoyed as an adult who is so quick to use this phrase without even trying to process what’s being asked “I don’t know”. These days people throw this phrase around way too often and never really apply themselves. There’s much potential to be tapped into if you would only apply yourself,  don’t be so quick to hide under the umbrella of admitting you don’t know like it’s some sort of safe house. It’s so unattractive

I’m not perfect, I know. But this isn’t about being perfect, I’m pretty sure that my whole being is someone else’s pet peeve personified 🙂 But just so I don’t feel too bad a person I urge you all to tell me your pet peeves, it will be an interesting read for me 😉

P.s it was extremely hard for me to do this post without cursing hence some of the in depth descriptions of blinding rage! lol


1 thought on “Pet Peeves”

  1. People not applying themselves. THANK YOU! You have all the resources you need around you, and then you think you can get away with “I don’t know.” C’mon.


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