#FOTD…. The Puff ♥

so this is what I’m doing with my hair this morning. I did a bantu knot Sunday night and after two days I still could have worn it down. I didn’t use an styling creams on my hair, in fact I’ve stopped using styling products in general (mostly because I’m lazy) because my hair doesn’t hold curl definition for more than a few hours.  My texture is prone to frizz and poofiness, but I’ve learnt a trick to keeping my curl definition longer. I don’t separate my curls  🙂 I use a pick comb to separate lightly from the root and to cover the parts but that’s about it. I don’t disturb any of the curls by separating. It doesn’t matter how much gel I use on my hair the min I start separating the curls it all goes down hill from there so I just stopped. For the first day of my
bantu knot I don’t have as much volume and the curls look more compact but throughout the day I tug slightly on the curls to give me some length and allow the to fall a little. The next day the curls are still there and my hair looks fuller. In today’s picture I separated the curls a bit more to give my puff more volume and voilà!  Oh and I didn’t use gel on my edges, I just slept with a satin scarf and my hair up 🙂




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