What I’ve Learnt About My Hair

So I’ve had my natural hair out for about six weeks now, it was not intentional believe me. I ordered some Private Stock hair that just never ever arrived, it has been 7 weeks since I ordered from them. I don’t care to bad mouth or promote people’s businesses but I am telling you I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever order from that company again. They have no regard for people’s money, they take no responsibility for their products, and customer service is non-existent. If the hair ever arrives and I absolutely love it, I still will never order from Private Stock Hair again. This has nothing to do with the quality of the hair, I haven’t gotten the hair yet so I’m not commenting on whether the hair is of good quality or not, I’m just saying as a company, NEVER AGAIN!


*sigh of relief* Glad to have gotten that off my chest, even though I totally digressed in the process 🙂 I will get you more info on the quality of the hair if it ever arrives. So yes, I have had my natural hair out for about 6 weeks now. The plan was to get my Private Stock hair after my trip to Nairobi and get it installed before I headed back out to Poland. Obviously that didn’t happen so I’ve been stuck with my hair out. The longest I have ever had my hair out at a go is two weeks and then I usually find some sort of protective style to keep my fingers out of my hair. At first I panicked; I didn’t know that many protective styles to do with the length of my hair and I’m not great at styling even if I did know a couple of styles. But the last and deepest of my fears was BREAKAGE! You all know how real my breakage issues are…. All I could see was 6 weeks of severely dry, brittle hair. But I’m not going to lie, my hair held up good, here are a couple of things I learnt about my hair during this time;


  • My hair is not as stubborn and unruly as I thought; It likes to be moisturised and left alone.


  • I have 4C type hair that is prone to Sahara type dryness. Your hair getting dry is inevitable you just need to keep at it with moisturising; and when you do moisturise put it in sections to leave it stretched.


  • A little dirt never hurt anybody. Personally I hate having to get my hair drenched in water unnecessarily because what comes after that is sectioning and moisturising and then oiling… and it’s a really long process that I do not care for. I have washed my hair twice in 6 weeks and not co-washed, I mean like wash wash with a shampoo. It take a couple of days for my hair to absorb moisture after being stripped so I am no about that washing frequently life. This is what works for my hair.


  • Bantu knots are my friends. The End.


  • Finger detangle as much as you can, stay away from combs! I haven’t used a comb on my hair for a week and a half now, just my fingers.


  • Staple products from now till Jesus returns – Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream. My hair loves this stuff! This is the only leave in that has ever worked on my hair, I used it at as moisturiser and styling product and always seal with an oil.


  • DON’T EVER TOUCH YOUR DRY! Over the last couple of weeks I have really learnt the importance of water on my hair. It is the one thing I have used to really fight breakage. My hair should never be styled or manipulated dry, that is a recipe for disaster; it should always be at least damp before anything is done to it. And don’t just spray water on your hair, make sure to massage it into your hair strands to make sure that your hair absorbs it.


These are the things that work for my hair, they might not work for your hair. Our hair is our own and we know how best to take of it. 6 weeks is a long enough time to know what does and what doesn’t work for your hair 🙂


7 thoughts on “What I’ve Learnt About My Hair”

  1. Thanks for these tips. I have to do these often now that I have cut my hair (yes I know I was supposed to update you, coming soon!) and will have it out all the time. Btw, your hair looks super healthy. I love it!


      1. Yes I love it! I went for the mohawk like I used to have, so the sides are proper shaved. I’ll send you pictures soon, just want to get some light brown highlights first to complete the (summer) look.


  2. It took me longer to get my hair than I expected. About 2.5 weeks, but when I called the company, the owner answered the phone and was apologetic about the delay. It’s great hair!


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