The Spectacular Now….

So I was having one of those days yesterday where I needed a pick me up emotionally. You ever get those days? It  feels like you’re barely hanging on and all you want to do is cry (which I did a lot of last night 🙂 ) even though there’s nothing going on in your life to permit such melancholy. My calendar was packed for the day at work and I was literally hoping from conference call to conference call, 5pm on the dot I was out of the there. Anyone that knows me really well knows that I am an emotional mess, like I really just go through it. I’m hoping that when I die and meet God that he’ll tell me why I’m wired this way and if it was for a purpose… ok! Totally digressing. Now on days like that I would reach for one of my feel good movies or just go all out Disney but I stumbled on ‘The Spectacular Now’ and settled on that instead. It’s from the makers of ‘500 Days of Summer’ which I did not care for too much, the end was just too realistic for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a brilliant movie probably because it’s realistic but it just doesn’t belong in my feel good pile. ‘The Spectacular Now’ is sorta like ‘500 Days of Summer’ in the sense that it’s also realistic. I seriously doubt the characters had scripts in some scenes cus the dialogues were so believable and reactions natural. I fell into the movie instantly; I love Stutter Keely, a troubled teen with such a big heart and live in the now life philosophy. The storyline is simple; he meets the plainest girl next door I have seen in my whole life, Aimee Finecky, who has never had a boy friend and is about to graduate high school. Being the nice guy that he is, he decides to help her with confidence and all that good stuff but in the process he sorta falls for her and his life gets affected by this completely ordinary girl. It gets a lil cliché high school movie in some parts but in most scenes it gives you that breath of fresh air feeling that comes when two people first fall for each other and it’s harmless. It goes a bit 500 Days of Summer towards the end and I held my breath at the last few minutes wondering if it was going to end that way, leaving me with the all is lost feeling, but in the last seconds it redeems itself… slighty 🙂

If you’re having one of those days and need something harmless to watch I would defo recommend ‘The Spectacular Now’



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