Calling all natural hair enthusiast… Scalp Issues!

I will never be deep conditioning my hair overnight again! There is no softness in the world that will justify the irritation and itchiness that is my scalp. Lord have mercy! And it not just the itchiness the flaky stuff falling off my scalp is not helping, it’s like I never washed my hair! It was a simple deep condition, it didn’t have eggs or yoghurt in it, my treseme conditioner and oils!!


So, question to you beauties is, how do I cure my itchy scalp? Would a clay rinse be a good idea? Would it cleanse my scalp properly or just add to the product build up? Should I go for an ACV rinse instead? Or is a shampoo cleanse the best and must sure way to get rid of all this stuff on my scalp? I’m just not keen of having to start moisturising from scratch, so I want to avoid a shampoo if necessary,although, thinking about it now my shampoo is sulfate and paraben free…hmmmm


Thank you in Advance 🙂


8 thoughts on “Calling all natural hair enthusiast… Scalp Issues!”

  1. Add some ACV and honey to a clay rinse make it into a thick paste and massage it into your scalp, don’t add any oil. The clay should hopefully calm your scalp down, while to acv will restore the some of the balance. If you find that your scalp is still suffering a bit massage a small amount of coconut oil to a damp scalp. Hope your scalp feels better soon!


      1. I would just follow with moisture, your hair has been through enough, they clay should not strip it. Make sure to avoid the scalp when you apply moisture, your scalp needs time to recover its own oils and you don’t want any additional irritation.


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