Very BAD Hair Day… Natural hair rants

My last post about my bomb bantu knot out was filled with love and admiration of how well-behaved my hair was. It was soft and shiny and all that good stuff! I have 4C hair so I rarely ever reap the fruit of my labour from the night before when it comes to styling.  My hair is not a respecter of time or occasion she acts out and just does her! And I know that some people will talk about how it doesn’t matter what hair type you have it’s all the same and you just have to love your hair and blah blah! These are the same people who get popping curls and laid down edges from just adding H2O to their hair, just ordinary water though!  No boo boo, our struggles are not the same, what you know about this cotton hair texture?!?

Last night I spent two *insert french* hours doing my hair. Please, ask me what I was trying to do? Literally just two flat twist on either side of my hair with a side part in the middle. My hair has been in a bun for two days and I haven’t washed it in two weeks so it’s due some serious cleansing because of the product build up, especially with my bun where I used gel in putting my hair up. So last night I thought about what I could do because I didn’t want to re-do the bun and have to use more gel but I wanted something to hold me til the weekend when I’d wash my hair. That’s why I decided on the two “simple”  flat twist. The stubbornness that is my hair would not let me get the flat twist laid down right and because my hair is ridiculously thick and a lot thicker than it is long my fingers were aching in no time. And then the frustration set in, and then irritation, and then annoyance. If my hair was a person I would have given her a proper WHOOPING! Yes it was that serious! Something as SIMPLE as two flat twist became such an ordeal! I mean I wasn’t even asking for curls or nothing just ordinary flat twists to  rock to work. I did everything but this hair would not lay down. Out of frustration I put my hair in shabby cornrows so I could wear my wig this morning . What would I have done if I didn’t have a wig???

Life Saver!
Life Saver!

I love being natural and yes even my hair texture is loved but let’s not deceive ourselves this natural ish is tough, trying,  frustrating,  annoying,  saddening … the list goes on. We all go on about the great inspiring stuff about being natural and how it’s liberating and blah blah,  and don’t get me wrong it is but it is also a whole lot of bad hair days.. and when you have a bad hair day as a natural you know it’s real BAD hair day!

*sigh of relief* rant over!


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