Swedish Meatball Pasta ♥♡♥


Before you say I’m obsessed with pasta, I am! But that wasn’t why I opted for this meal, I had bought fresh cream over the weekend and it was about to go off so I quickly ran through all the other things I had in the house that would go with cream and be super easy to make. No brainer,  pasta was the first thing that came to mind and I knew I didn’t have chicken in the house, just as well I’m sorta sick of chicken. And I remembered that I was also at Ikea last week getting stuff for my kitchen and I picked up a pack of their meatballs and after that the rest of the recipe sorta came together on it’s own. I know I said the last two meals were really quick but this took me the length of time it took the pasta to cook. And I got this amazing none stick wok in Ikea,  I freaking love it! I cook every thing in it effortlessly! Anyway let’s get into to 😉

P.s I don’t use measurements I just sorta go with the flow when it comes to cooking, especially when I’m making it up as I go along 🙂

What You’ll Need
• Tagliatelle
• Fresh cream ( low fat if preferred)
• Ikea meatballs ( or any other type will      do, easy enough to make from scratch)
• Half a large onion chop
• 2 cloves of garlic minced
• 1 tbsp of olive oil
• 1 large tbsp of pesto (heap that stuff on there)
• parmesan
• salt and black pepper for seasoning

What You Need To Do is….

Pop the tagliatelle into hot water and let that cook, I usually put a teaspoon of oil in as well to stop the pasta from sticking together.

While the pasta is cooking heat some oil in a pan and add in the garlic and onion on low heat for about 5mins. Add in the meatballs and stir for 5mins.

Get a nice big heap of pesto on your tbsp and add it to the meatballs then continue to stir for another 5 mins. Add in salt and black pepper to season to taste,  beware that pesto usually has a lot of salt in it so make sure you’re tasting it before adding more salt. Make sure the meatballs are on a low heat before adding in the cream. You want this to simmer not boil.

Once it starts to simmer add less than a handful of grated parmesan then drain the pasta and add it to the mixture. Mix it all together and leave it to cook for another 2 mins and voilà you’re done!

Enjoy 🙂


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