“Five Ways To Wear: The Dinner Jacket” by Mr Porter

Mr Porter is an online store that kicked off from it’s parent site or sister site Net-A-Porter which some of you may be familiar with . Mr Porter is the men’s version of the online retailer.

For a while they’ve had a video series called “Five Ways To Wear:”, where they select a single item and create a five distinct looks around it. The most recent one I’ve come across is on the dinner jacket.

For me, looks #2, #4 and #5 really stood out as outfits I would wear myself. I thought it’d be nice to share with any other men who are interested in style and any ladies desperately trying to convince the men in their life to pick up a sense of style.

Check out the Youtube video below and their page for similar videos.

For a direct link to this story on their site, clickย here.

The website is http://www.mrporter.com


Author: callmekunle

The little brother tagging along on my sister's blog. You won't see to many posts from me as I have a serious case of procrastination. It is something I'm working on fixing. Like a lot of things and can talk about most things, so I'm sort of a mixed bag.

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