Help!!!!! Mac Pro Long Concealer is trying to kill me!

2014-03-01 21.19.16

Well not me, Mac is trying to kill my account! Have you guys noticed the price increase in Mac products?? And I wouldn’t mind too much If I wasn’t getting my essentials from there (foundation, concealers, etc). I use their Pro Long concealer as a colour corrector for my darker areas, especially around my mouth before putting on my foundation and it does the job. It is an essential for me, even more essential than my foundation! But I go through a bottle quick enough, now in fairness to the size it actually does go a long way. It’s proper full on coverage so a little goes a long way, but still! Can someone please recommend another concealer that’s cheaper with the same results??? Thanks guys β™₯β™₯


7 thoughts on “Help!!!!! Mac Pro Long Concealer is trying to kill me!”

  1. I just recently purchased Selma Hayek’s Nuance Concealer and front and center Brightener. I love it!! I use that Maybelline’s Fit Me 355 for my foundation when i do wear it or MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish to blend everything evenly. Give it a try, you might like it!!

    Jas Cheri


    1. Hi Jas! Thanks for your comment, I use the Maybelline Fit me concealers too, their great! But I use them for an under eye concealer because its very light coverage, I might check out the others you mentioned πŸ˜‰


  2. I love the Mac prolongwear concealer, I use it on the weekends so I do not run through it so quickly or I mix it with another concealer.

    A lot of people compare the LA Girl concealers to the Mac prolongwear concealers. I like the LA Girl concealers, they get the job done.

    I use the Nars concealers as well, I do not know if they are cheaper. I also heard the Nyx concealers are good.

    For me when it comes to concealers, foundations, face powders, I tend to just bite the bullet and pay the high prices because I want to make sure I have a quality product that looks good without the running around and experimenting.

    If you find a dupe for the mac prolongwear concealer that is cheaper, please please let us know!


    1. Yea that’s the thing when it does come to concealers and foundations I usually just bite the bullet and get them. I don’t like to compromise with essentials!

      I use LA girl concealers as an under eye concealer but I never thought of it for anything else. What shade do you think will be closer to the pro long wear in NW 45?


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