I Miss My Hair!!

2014-02-04 15.01.33-22014-02-04 10.45.14

2014-02-12 09.08.522014-02-12 17.04.53

Less than two weeks since I got my weave in and I miss my hair already! And to think I was in such a hurry to get my hair hidden away from my hands, now I keep seeing girls rocking their fro and I miss mine. Obviously forgetting that my hair looks nothing like theirs, so after two days of my cotton wool texture I’m done and ready to get my hair tucked away underneath something. There’s just no pleasing me :p

P.s I’ve really messed up my edges from the braids I had in last month, what can I do to restore them?? Help!


4 thoughts on “I Miss My Hair!!”

  1. I’ve had my havana twists in for two weeks and I started missing my fro after a week. Haha! Just can’t win. I’m making myself leave them in for another two weeks so at least I’ll have had them in for a month. But then it’s back to my fro and all its glory (and at times pain). It’s quite the cycle.


    1. Oh wow you’re just like me!!!! I can’t win with myself! I have all these misguided ideas of styles I’m going to do when I take my hair out and I know I’m going to get frustrated and just rock a puff…. sigh


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