My name is Jade and I’m a Product Junkie :)

Yes guys, if you haven’t been able to tell ( I seriously doubt that you haven’t) I am a product junkie. I buy everything but not everything makes it to my hair. I have jars and tubs of so much hair product. Watching YouTube videos and hair tutorials have helped in accelerating my addiction. I don’t want to admit it but yes, it’s a pricey addiction; I’m based in Dublin and there aren’t any natural hair stores around so everything is ordered online with hefty postage charges. My hair texture is probably one of the bigger reasons why I’m a product junkie, I am constantly on the quest to find products that actually make a difference to my hair, some times I just make myself believe that my hair feels softer or more moisturised just to justify my purchase… #fail. My hair is naturally dry and doesn’t absorb products that easily so I end up trying a lot of different things, sometimes it does make a difference, most times it doesn’t. Been natural 2 + years and I still haven’t found a product that holds curls, I have found styling products that have left my hair feeling soft at take down, but once I start to separate my twists or braids its fluff and frizz central :(. I have come to the conclusion that my hair texture just can’t hold any curls, which is brilliant because it’s cut down the amount I would spend on styling products. The one thing I still and will probably always keep searching for is a really good moisturiser. You guys know the struggle I face with keeping my mane moisturised, I will literally take any recommendation! Anyway I was in London over the weekend for a very brief visit, and I did my research and found a hair store that stocked natural hair products…BIG MISTAKE. I went to a store in SE London called Zara and they stocked EVERYTHING,  I had to calm myself down, the had shelves and shelves of natural hair products, from raw natural products like black soap and unprocessed shea butter to all the US brands. I was in heaven and financial hell at the same time. It didn’t help that I had my newly natural friend with me who insisted on buying every single thing! But you guys would be so proud of me! I stuck to what I needed and only got 5 inexpensive products, a spray bottle, and butterfly clips! I got the Cantu Shea Butter Moisturisers and leave in, Treseme Naturals Conditioner, and Giovanni Tea Tree shampoo ( for the love a fresh tingling scalp!). I think I did good, but just to be on the safe I solemnly swear to not buy any more hair products for the next 2 months, Lord help me! 🙂


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