Perspective… forget the glass your life could be worse

So last night while spreading my yet again ruined white underwear on the radiators (I refuse to use the dryer function on my washing machine), hands up now, I don’t know how to do white laundry! I’ve probably bought more white clothing than anyone else I know, if I buy something white and put it in the wash in my eyes it always come out an off white grey colour and that just won’t do. I’m ridiculously anal about white clothing, it has to be that glowing stark white or else it will go in the trash or to charity. Now granted I have done my white load with the occasional coloured item that has dyed and ruined everything else with it and I never go with my gut feeling when I’m throwing that lightly coloured dress or top that I know will run… but last night was different, I was actually being careful. Pushed the start button and what do I see as my clothes start to spin?? 3 of my white undies being submerged in what looked like prune coloured water… obviously, all hope was lost which is why I’m sporty a pair of grey purple knickers today… sigh….


Anyway, this post is supposed to be about perspective and from my rant above you can see I need a healthy dose of it! So back to the beginning, as I was spreading my badly dyed laundry, I reflected on the horrible ( and I use this word lightly) week I had. You ever have a week where everything just seems to go wrong in sequence… It felt like someone was just hovering above me and tipping awful situations all over my day and everything needed cash to be fixed. Now I don’t mind spending cash, and I’m quite good at it from the looks of my pathetic savings account, but this year I’ve been trying to be on it with my finances and display some accountability in my spending. I flew back to Dublin on Wednesday night and I’d be working from our Dublin office on Thursday and Friday and spend the weekend at home which I had been looking forward to! And plus I knew it would be a relatively cheap weekend, the only major thing I had to do was get  my hair done and maybe catch a movie with the boys (my brothers), that was it and I’d fly back to Wroclaw on the Sunday evening. To cut the rather painful and long story short I’ll put it in bullet points 🙂


  • My flight was delayed by two hours on Wednesday night,
  • Missed the train to work on Thursday morning,
  • Tried to jail break my phone and broke my phone (ironic, haha!) had to get that shipped away to be fixed, so had/have no phone till now.
  • Friday afternoon, got off work early (yay!), ordered a cab to get me to the train station, never showed up so missed my train, had to walk 25mins in the freezing rain, got to the train station and waited 40mins in the rain for the next train (obviously at this point getting off work early was pointless because I was stuck at the station)
  • Getting off work early meant I could get my hair done early which is always great! Anyway, got off the train fairly irritated and freezing, the bus to take me to where I would get my hair done never showed up so hopped in a cab
  • Got to the lady’s house who would be fixing my hair hoping I hadn’t kept her waiting too long, only for me to find out that she wasn’t at home yet. She was somewhere stuck in traffic and ended up being 2 hours late… fantastic!
  • Got my hair done finally, didn’t even really care what it looked like I just wanted to be home and in bed and have a lil cry (which I had already done earlier on in the day, yes guys it was that serious for me).
  • All done, time to go home found out I missed the bus by a few minutes and the next one was in an hour to get me to the station where I  would to need to get my actual bus home. Obviously with the day I had I was like forget this! Cab please!
  • Saturday was ok, I avoided leaving my house by all means to avoid spending any more money, and it seemed to work
  • Sunday got to go to church and heard a fantastic sermon, it was really lovely and just wanted I needed.
  • Sunday evening I’m all packed and ready to go, got myself downstairs hailed a cab, all good. Got to the airport in record time for just under a tenner (10 euros) score! Time to pay, where’s my wallet? Sitting on the couch at home, not even going to bother with what happened next, let’s just say I paid thrice my original fare in the end
  • Got to the airport with 30mins to spare with a security line moving at glacier speed. Made it to my gate just as the flight started boarding.


Now this might not seem like a big deal to most people but when I look at the weekend I planned to have versus the weekend I actually had, the difference seems magnified and what annoys me the most was that I had no high expectations for the weekend, I was just happy enough to spend time with the boys, be in my old office and go to church, I was just happy to be home. When I look back on the amount I spent on 4 days and on silly little avoidable things I get so annoyed and in a mood ! Every time I think back to each day, I play everything over and over hoping to find the secret lesson God wanted me to learn and I keep coming up blank, I’m hoping that a month from now I’ll be able to look back and go “Oh! That’s what I learnt!” but for now *shrugs*


From the previous post you can see that I spent most of yesterday morning catching up on news from around the world with my focus on Africa. Apart from the post I put up there was nothing else pleasant to report back on. East Africa is a mess right now with mini genocides erupting here and there, I read about “Sex for Fish” (Don’t think about it too much, it literally means what it says) which is currently taking place in Kenya, Lake Victoria. And about massacres still taking place in North Nigeria. I came into work yesterday still annoyed about my little mishaps over the previous week thinking why me and all that money down the drain (granted it was only a couple of hundreds) with nothing to show for it, and after reading these articles my feelings about the week I had felt so inappropriate. Yes, I know there will always be wars in the world and people dying and I’m allowed to have bad days. But I’m complaining about spending money that I wanted to save, thank God that I actually have the money to spend. It could have been worse, I could have had all those annoying little hiccups in my day and not have the money to fix them! Thank God that my whole world doesn’t come crashing down when days like that happen, thank God that I have the means and resources to sort it out. If you don’t spend money then it’s just paper in the bank! Reading the news didn’t open my eyes to bigger problems in the world, I already know that other people in the world have it worse than me, but I was able to change my view of the whole week. Yes, it was a bit crap that all those things happened, and at the time it honestly felt like the worst week of the year so far but at least I was in a position to fix the problems and get on with my day. It’s all about trusting that God knows best and a healthy dose of Perspective 🙂



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