Her… Score by Arcade Fire

Saw Her last night and, it was errrrr…. interesting and different and very weird in some parts. Like there were  literally times where I did not know where to look. Overall it’s a love story and a good one I guess… you know the Episode in Big Bang where Raj sorta starts dating his phone, well the movie is set in a time where that is basically life as you know it. You can date your OS…. *blank stare* yea, I know that’s why I thought it was weird too. But anyway, that isn’t the point of this post!

The music in this whole damn movie is just perfect, if this was a silent movie with just the music playing I swear I’m pretty sure I would get it all. In every scene it just creeps in and makes everything magical, yes! Thats the word, MAGIC. I’m currently at work listening to it and it’s like I’m not in the office or staring at two screens with boring excel sheets. I wish I understood music enough to make this. Ok, rambling over! Enjoy, I’m off to go find somewhere I can buy this awesomeness!


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