Roller Set on 4B/C Hair

Yes hunny!  2 snaps for Jouelzy! She is giving so much darn life with this hair, I was practically salivating watching this video! The finish look makes me wanna get a tapered cut just to rock this style! But I know my face isn’t chiseled enough to rock a bare face at the moment so yea… not happening. I have a love hate relationship with Jouelzy, like some times I’m like yes boo and other times I’m like get over yourself. But the love always wins, I love her realness and she’s too damn entertaining. Make sure you check out her other videos and subscribe! What I love about this roller set is that I can get it done professionally in a salon. It is the exact same as getting a roller set on relaxed hair, and because my hair is longer it would be easier to maneuver. Plus I can deep condition at home, go with my styling products and dictate what temperature I want the dryer set at! So much hair envy right now 🙂


2 thoughts on “Roller Set on 4B/C Hair”

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