Fasting… difficult?

Hi Guys,

Just dropping by to share this video on fasting by Paula White with you guys. For those of you who find fasting difficult or unimportant in their Christian life please watch this and enrich your lives. I know a lot of us have participated in some fasting last month with churches or personally as part of starting the new year… Well to those of you who were able to say no to their flesh everyday for the required amount of days well done! And for those of you who like myself have fallen short a couple of days hang in there, God sees your heart and He isn’t going to give up on you so don’t give up on Him. Pay no heed to that voice in your head telling you not to bother because you’ve missed so many days already, or constantly coming up with logical reasons why you shouldn’t fast on yet another day! The truth is if you don’t  know why you’re doing it or if you don’t tie your fast to something, every time that voice comes up you will listen and let your flesh win. this whole fast for me is about coming closer to God and in the process learning to subdue my flesh and bring it under my authority. I am tired of having my flesh rule my life everyday, giving into every craving that will eventually land me in trouble and rob me of my destiny.  2 Tim 1 vs 7 reminds us that God has given us a spirit of self-control and we need to learn to key into that. Jesus Christ already gave us the victory by dying on the cross where he overcame all and we should in turn nail our flesh to the cross everyday by submitting to His will. Ok, before I get too preachy on you please watch the video and understand why fasting is an important part of our Christian life.


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