American Hustle … movie of 2014?

So usually I would try to do something beauty related over the weekend because that is when I would have peace and quiet but this weekend, my brother came over and it was the best weekend I have ever had here. You guys can not understand how close I am to my brother! I don’t have a sister and I’m older than him by only a couple of years so we’ve been paired together since we were kids and I love him to bits. Having him around really brightened up my weekend, when he left I actually cried a little which he would say is totally lame :p Anyway… this isn’t about that, there should be more about his visit in the next coming posts.

So recently I have been catching a lot of movies online, I know I know, how awful of me but I’ve been really busy at work and I’ve found myself needing something to help me switch of in the evenings. Obviously this is only on the few evenings that I’m not out for drinks or dinner. With the award season on at the moment I’ve been more inclined to check out some of the movies that have popped up quiet a bit in nominations. I’ve almost made my way through the entire nomination list. That’s a lot of movies, especially with most or all movies being in and around 2 hours duration mark! For the next couple of posts you can expect to read about my reactions to the movies I have seen.

The first movie I saw was American Hustle ๐Ÿ™‚ I love this movie, I have seen it twice already and absolutely love it. With movies like this I usually require someone else to explain to me what is going on, I don’t tend to follow plots so well, especially if they are fantasy or crime, or involve cons, which this movie was all about. I managed to get through this one ok on my own, I’m still not sure I completely got how the original con was turned around in the end (mini spoiler alert, but don’t think too much about it and it’s not a spoiler? :s) but I made do with it ๐Ÿ™‚ not a fan of Christian Bale but I freaking loved his performance in this movie, in fact the whole darn cast just brought it all together for me! Amy Adams was brilliant and so was Bradley but the real stars of the movie for me were Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner. Jeremy Renner was so good and believable in this role that I had no idea who he was the first time I watched it, I kept on going I know this dude but I couldn’t place him in a role he had done before, then it clicked, it came to me, he was the super coooooool guy from Avengers with all the arrows, he was soooooo cool in that movie! And he was in Hurt Locker too! But anyway! He was so good in this movie, and the make up and costume was just up there, everyone was just transformed and so in character. Jennifer Lawrence on the other was hand gave me so much joy in this movie, she played the role of Roslyn the frustrated house wife with psychological issues and a slight drinking problem. She really shone the most for me in this movie, I loved everything about her character! She just came so correct with the craziness plus she was fearless and broken all at the same time.This might be my movie of 2014 already, this is the sort of movie I will watch over and over again till I know all the lines ๐Ÿ™‚


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