I don’t know how to write this without it coming off as complaining… I’m terribly homesick! I knew I would miss home but this is on a whole other level. I love my job, I get so much fulfilment from it everyday and it’s great. I was so close to handing in my notice in my last role because of how mundane it had become, and for me and to then be given an opportunity to come out here and be exposed to this much experience is such a blessing. Monday to Friday is great and then comes the weekend… I’ve never had a problem with being on my own in the past. And when I say on my own I mean I like in my room or house all day, I’m not the adventurous exploring type so being a couch potato works for me. But recently I’ve been so homesick! And not just missing Dublin but my family too, and this probably has a lot to do with being home for Christmas where I was surrounded by family every minute of the day! I loved it, and I don’t feel a need to just be surrounded by people, it’s family and familiarity I really miss. I miss being able to just be myself, I miss my boys so much (I’m the only girl in my family).

I currently live a small pretty city, and from the tourism side of things I’m sure it looks amazing, but its nothing like Dublin. I live right in the city centre which is like a main town square and quite small so there isn’t much to it and from talking to some of the locals at work there isn’t much else to see outside the square. I’ve seen a bit on my way to and from the airport; the residue of communism is still heavy on the buildings and you can understand why everyone prefers to stay in the four corners of the square. Don’t let my words paint a picture too deary of the town, it is still modern. I mean they have malls and restaurants and don’t forgot I got introduced to my new love, Inglot, here too. As modern as they are, something tells me they still haven’t embraced other nationals here. So even though all the staff  of Starbucks and local grocers and restaurants know me I still get starred at a lot. And it’s not in a friendly curious way either! There are no smiles or welcoming gestures, people just stare and security men follow me in every store I go to, even though they all have seen me more than once and know that I am not a shop lifter! I have never been harmed or attacked here, the people here are not like that and I thank God for little mercies but just because you haven’t been attacked or harmed doesn’t mean that you are welcomed. It’s hard to explain and I’m probably just having an off day and taking this way out of proportion but I just really miss home and family so much!


2 thoughts on “Homesick…”

  1. Hello Sis! I know that this post is from January. But I pray that things have gotten better for you by now. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to connect with people. It’s a good thing to pray for godly connections to come into your life and that way you can be sure that good hearted loving individuals will be sent by God with the same interest and hopefully a kind heart as yours. God bless you.


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