This Year!

Hey guys!

I hope it’s not too late to wish you guys happy new year again! Not to worry, this isn’t going to be a new year’s resolution post,  I have never been one to keep new year resolutions or make one. However, I do think that it is important to enter the new year with your beliefs of values refreshed or new beliefs and values.

I for one noticed a lot of things about myself last year which was a great basis for me to think about my beliefs and values going forward into the new year. I was able to spot many different things that changed in my life last year either for good or bad and I made a mental note to develop the good and get rid og the bad. The major thing I noticed last year was a major growth or increase in my thirst for God’s word. I would find myself just so engulfed in chapters and chapters of the word, especially in the new testament where we’re able to see God’s promises fulfilled through the death of Jesus Christ and what that means for us. For 2014 my core goal and objective is to develop more in God’s word and move on to greater understanding and appreciation for it. I stumbled on a chapter in the bible that affirmed this for me even more; Hebrews chapter 6 talks about the importance of maturity in our Christian lives. For the longest of time I thought it was ok to get by on the basic teaching of salvation and the message of the cross. I thought that was sufficient, and even from thinking that way, it was obvious that I was willing only willing to do the bare minimum to get by. Reading this chapter, especially verse 1, I was really encouraged to move on to a higher level of understanding in the word. Just as we want to develop and grow in every other area of our lives so must we want the same for our Christian life. For 2014 my motto is Matthew 6:33 Luke 12:31; when things are right in my Christian life, God will bless and make every other area of my life fall into place. There’s no point asking for blessings and direction from God for every other area of your life and having a laid back approach to your Christian life. It just won’t happen and thank God for that.

I’m starting this year with a 100 days fast, Lord help me and give me strength because I am the absolute worst with fast but I’m leaning solely on God for grace everyday.

Whatever New Year’s Resolutions or promises you have made I hope you are able to keep them. I hope your reasons for wanting to keep them run deep in your heart because those are the only resolutions or changes that are worth sticking too.

P.s as well as maturity in my relationship with God I also what to worry less about money, give more freely, start taking care of people in my family and investing in other some else’s future. This year I’m going to take the popular saying, ‘Charity begins at home’ and really run with it. There are so many people within my family that could really use help, not my immediate family but distant. And even though I may not know them all personally I think it’s good to be able to give back to them in some way or another. You’ll be surprised how doable it is to put someone through school! And lastly I want to invest financially this year; this year moves me closer to the big 3 0 than I would like and it reminds that its time I curb my spending and make some grown decisions. Being this old with no savings is not a cute look 🙂

DISCLAIMER (but not really): It was not my intention to come off as holier than thou in this post or  preachy :). I just wanted to share my renewed values and beliefs for this year with you guys in the hope that it will encourage some of you out there that really want to make a change in your life this year. It doesn’t have to be similar to mine, but it should be something that you feel will ensure you have a fulfilled 2014 🙂

Happy New Year again guys! 🙂


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