Lets talk hair…. in the winter

Hey guys!

I hope everyone is has a good weekend so far, I haven’t been up to much .  Had my work Christmas party on Friday and it was surprisingly a lot of fun, men do these Polish people like their vodka! Anyway, so like I said I’ve taken it really easy all weekend and its been really good.

Ok so I just wanted to do a quick post on my hair during the winter and some things I’ve noticed about my hair in the colder months. So you guys know that I have 4b/4c hair which means I struggle a lot with moisture. I’ve never been keen on moisturisers or known the value of water based moisturisers but I just noticed that after taking my twists out my hair has been breaking a lot more. This was one of the main reasons why I got a wig; it keeps my hair from the cold weather and protects my ends plus it also stops me from picking my edges. But even with the wig and oils I used my hair still felt dry every night so I decided to get a leave in and moisturiser.

2013-12-06 17.51.53

2013-12-14 18.40.21

I got the Komaza Care Aloe leave and the Design Essential daily moisturiser and other bits and pieces that I was running low on, I got the oils from amazon. So far so good, I use the leave in on damp hair then the moisturiser after, and I finally use an oil to seal and this I did this with my hair sectioned. I haven’t noticed a huge improvement but it has only been a week, my ends are still pretty brittle so I’ve just worn my hair in a bun all week! I guess its safe to say that a little shedding is expected in the colder months, i just need to stay on top of moisturising for the next couple of month. Ive also heard that adding glycerin to your moisturising routine helps with moisture retention so I’ll definitely be looking to order some. Also I think deep conditioning goes a long way in the colder months, opt for heavier oils like castor oil and include shea butter in your deep condition treatments.

For those of you in Europe wondering where go get natural hair products check out http://www.britishcurlies.co.uk or click here. I also love how they always give little samplers for you to try.

2013-12-06 17.52.14


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