Freedom… You Need to Need it

I called this post freedom because that is what it has been too me. I’ve been battling some demons for too long now and every time i try to grab freedom they let me take it and believe it. And when I get confident with it and let the word, my source of my freedom, slip the demons come at me 7 folds stronger and I am defeated every time. I buy into the lie of the devil, I buy into the belief that I am a victim and can’t help myself. I refuse to make positive declarations of my situation because I belief that I am the victim so its ok to wallow in my falling and it only makes me human. The devil has taken the grace of God and used it against me. But not anymore, I will mediate on the word day and night until I believe that I am an overcomer. I cannot conquer what I will not confront! I can not use childhood experiences to excuse my behaviour in my adulthood anymore. I didn’t understand the word then as I do now, there has to be growth. I need to stop my lukewarm attempt to get better! Asking God to help me but not needing it as much as I need to. It has to come from me, God has always been ready, I need to be.

You might be going through some real stuff right now that you just can’t ever see yourself talking to someone about, and that’s ok. I understand more than you think. And you might have thrown the towel in after being defeated time and again, accepting that this is who you are but that is a lie that devil has planted in your mind. There is deliverance and your closer than you think. I don’t mean to get all preachy on you but I have been going through some real thorns in my flesh and I’ve recently gotten comfortable in rock bottom. I’ve never heard of Paula Smith, this wasn’t sent to me, I was just scrolling through my what to watch page on YouTube and I stumbled on this video and immediately my spirit was pricked and I knew I had to watch it. Yes it is an hour but I’ve waited that and a couple of years to get this freedom so it was nothing to me. For those of you that are ready to confront some issues and get real with yourselves, take some time out to enrich your life.


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