I’ve been converted!

Hey guys!

So after my wash day post you know how sad I’ve been about the state of my edges. I decided to take a break from my usual protective styles to let my edges recover, but we all know that I have the slightest form of trichotillomania so to avoid giving myself a bald spot I decided to invest in a wig. I know I know! I’m have nothing against wigs I’ve just always been afraid that they won’t look natural enough on me plus the whole lace front thing has never sat well with me. Don’t get me wrong, wig are like the in thing now, you don’t have to be old or losing your hair to rock them. And after getting mine I understand why some people would choose wigs. Its hassle free, plus it lasts longer because you’re not sleeping on it and ruining the curls or style. But for me, the number one reason why I’m all for wigs is because it lets me look after my hair and doesn’t put any strain on my egdes. I can co-wash and moisture my hair easily now and properly too so it definitely ticks all my boxes.

I got my lace wig from elevatestyles.com and they are based in the USA So I paid a whopper for postage… did not enjoy that but in fairness to them I got it within 3 working days so I can’t complain too much really. Didn’t have a wig cap so I made due with a pair of stockings and a pair of scissors πŸ™‚ The name of the wig is Beshe synthetic lace front wig lace-31. You have to type exactly that into the search column to find it or else be prepared to scroll through about a 100 wigs!

Oh, I also through in a random length check in there for those interested in the length of my hair:)

2013-12-03 20.08.092013-12-03 21.02.302013-12-04 08.18.352013-12-04 10.30.25



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