Wash Day!

Wash Day!

Hey guys!

Happy Sunday, as you can see from the photogrid today was my wash day. I took out my kinky twists last night, and might I just say that I will never be going back to the woman who did them for me, she was ruthless with my edges as you can see. I planned on having the twists in for longer than 4 weeks, but just looking at my poor edges everyday made me anxious to take them out. So I took them out last night and sectioned my hair into four sections which I dampened with conditioner and water from my spray bottle. I then used some shea butter and EVO on each section and slept with a shower cap on, I used this as a prepoo treatment. This morning I just washed and conditioned as normal using Sheamoisture moisture shampoo and Treseme natural conditioner. Surprisingly I didn’t suffer as much breakage as I expected, thank God. Apart from my edges the rest of my hair was fine as you’ll see in my next post, now lets see how long I can keep my hands out of my hair till my next protective style πŸ™‚


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