Popcorn Talk- The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Hey hey guys!

This is so late but I had to get it out here, I went to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire last Saturday and it absolutely rocked my world! Just a FYI, I am a huge Hunger Games fan, like huge! I first became a fan after going to see the first movie on a whim, I had no idea what it was about but I came out with my mind blown and I immediately latched on to the books! I was hooked from the word go. It’s one of those books that just gets you interested straight off. The concept of Panem and how brutal the games are is just brilliant! I’ve heard people refer to The Hunger Games as a children’s book which is fine until you read of innocent children being forced to butcher themselves for the amusement of the citizens of the Capitol. I know, twisted right! Anyway, out of the trilogy, catching fire is my favourite,  there’s just a beautiful and in-depth build of everything you saw in the first movie. And might i just say that I love the outfits in this movie, most especially Peeta’s. He just looked so damn cool in all his get ups, and they were all so wearable. Totally had a wardrobe crush on him for the whole movie. Have a peep below for some of my favourite looks of Peeta from the movie;





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