When Inglot met Jade ♥♥♥

When inglot met Jade ♥♥♥

Hey guys!

Sorry about the silence, I have been busy getting ready for a temporary move which happened last week…. anyway, to cut potential long story short I’m in Wroclaw, Poland! I know! I’ll go through the details in the next post. So came arcoss an Inglot store in a mall close to my hotel and went a lil crazy! I’ve never had any of their make up before and I’ve heard that they do really great eyeshadows so I decided to get some and a palette and some lipsticks. Needless to say I will purchasing another palette after I fill my new one. Check out the look I created above using some of the eyeshadows and one of the lipsticks. The lilac lipstick colour swatched on my hand is colour 281 and the pinky colour which is what I have on in the picture above is colour 420.

P.S Inglot is ridiculously cheap her…. no brainer 🙂


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